I love Public Sex.

The thought that someone could walk in on us at any time gets me extremely wet! Public Sex being filthy makes it even better! One of my favorite Public Sex experiences has to be when my boyfriend (now EX boyfriend) and I were just about home from a 2 week vacation. We had to stop for gas and a bite to eat so he pulled into the closest truck stop. My ex boyfriend asked the attendant to fill the tank and asked if i’d go inside to pay and get us some food. So I headed inside… Little did I know I was about to get a lot more than just a gas station burrito.

An extremely sweaty and dirty older black man walked in. He noticeably checked me out as he walked by me standing at the register. I was so tired and quite grumpy so I immediately followed him trying to get him to turn around…

“Hey! Seriously?! How sick can you be – You couldn’t have made that any more noticeable?!” I said

I didn’t even have time to process what was happening before he grabbed me by the back of my neck and pushed me in front of him into the bathroom. All I remember was thinking to myself why this bathroom has NO DOOR!

He pushed me up against the toilet and started vigorously ripping off my clothes, tearing my shirt off of me, ripping my bra and even my panties.

I was screaming! I was trying to fight him off with all of my strength. He covered my mouth tightly as he began unzipping his pants and pulling out his massive black cock. I had to take a double take… triple take. This black cock was huge.

He doesn’t think that thing is going to fit in me does he…?

I looked up at him with my eyes wide, and scared. He gave me a lift and set my bare ass on top of the toilet. He grabbed his cock with his free hand and started rubbing his black head on my little clit to try to make my pussy moist. I love public sex but I never imagined it happening in this way. I kept squirming trying to get free from his strong grasp. He rubbed his black cock up and down along the outside of my pussy. I was still trying to fight him off but his hand on my mouth only got tighter and he was forcing his big sweaty body against me, so I could no longer move or fight him.

He finally got so angry with having to deal with me trying to fight him off, so he forced his thick black cock into my pussy. I could feel my pussy tear as he forced himself inside me. I always thought I’d only have public sex with my boyfriend!

“You like this thick black cock don’t you, you little slut! You’re just a little slutty brat that enjoys public sex aren’t you!” He yelled.

I kept asking myself why no one was rushing in, especially since the bathroom didn’t even have a door! All I could manage to get out was loud moans underneath his hand that was covering my mouth. He thrusted his black cock in and out of my tight little pussy. His cock was so thick I could even tell that it began to hurt him a little bit every time he thrusted inside of me. He noticed my pussy began getting a little wet… I couldn’t resist. I could feel his warm balls slap against my ass and as my pussy started getting more and more wet the massive thick black cock started feeling better and better.

Was I enjoying this? My boyfriend was sitting outside of the building and I was inside a filthy bathroom having public sex and getting fucked by a black cock?! I tried fighting him off one more time. I never knew that would have been such a bad mistake.

He gave his massive black cock another slam into my tight little pussy. It ripped. Blood began coming out of my pussy I was moaning in pain as this big black man continued using my torn pussy. I began to catch my breath and I started noticing the pain was slowly beginning to go away. He continued slamming his thick massive black cock in and out of my little pussy as my pussy started getting more and more wet.

I was able to look down and see his cock was covered in my blood from his cock tearing my pussy.

He noticed and let out a loud moan and grunt as he gave his cock one more hard thrust inside me. All of a sudden, felt a rocket of cum shoot deep inside me. Felt like it wouldn’t stop. More and more cum continued shooting up inside me, as his body collapsed on top of me. I was confused. I didn’t know what to do… I didn’t want to fight him anymore, I didn’t even want to move. Deep inside, felt like I enjoyed being forced into public sex. Started grinding my used and torn pussy against his softening black cock.

He looked at me, removed his cock from my pussy, and before he could make another move I got on my knees and sucked his dirty black cock. I sucked all of my pussy juices and blood off his dirty black cock and licked any remaining drops of his cum off his cock and balls. I pulled up whatever clothing wasn’t torn and kept each and every drop of his cum inside my used little pussy, and walked out the door. I walked straight to my boyfriend’s car and sat beside him. He asked if I changed. I just answered, nope, and mentioned they were out of burritos.

Was I just raped? Did I just cheat on my boyfriend? Did I just have filthy public sex at a truck stop. YES!

I had no clue what to think. But, I definitely realized how much I love and NEED thick black cock.

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