Last week, I was pleasantly surprised by a forced intox castration double domme session request from my favorite femdom co-star: Mistress Raven. We have humiliated all kinds of pathetic losers over the years. I never think I’ve “seen (or heard) it all,” per se, but the performance I was about to witness over Skype was definitely not a “typical” sissy call.

This forced intox castration call would include crack and zip ties for a “DIY” orchiectomy.

Mistress Raven commanded our crack-smoking sissy to show us what had arrived in the mail. It was just in time for our double-domme session. Our sissy (who I’ll refer to as “Mary”) gleefully unwrapped a GIANT plastic-sealed bag of at least 300 zip ties, already teetering and clumsy from his 2-day-long bender.

“Do you think you got enough, bitch?” Raven spat at him, making me laugh viciously like she always does.

Much to my sadistic delight, Mistress Raven ordered him to get one out and fasten it around his tiny, already shriveled, and VERY ugly balls. Ew. It was time to (at least TRY) get rid of those awful things. If Mary really wanted to be a girl, this is what she had to do. And to ensure Mary wouldn’t have a choice if she tried to “pussy” out later, Raven instructed her to trim the excess length of the tie once it was fastened tight.

Our sissy was a BIG pain slut, so she tightened them even tighter without being prompted.

No, there was no penectomy fantasy during this forced intox castration. But we DID “help” little sissy Mary ruin her clitty with the burning hot crack pipe after taking a hit. She burned it for us over and over and OVER. This little trick never fails to crack me the fuck up.

Raven and I relish every scream during forced intox castration calls. When our crack-smoking sissy screamed from the pain, we shout “Again! Harder, bitch!”

The rules of the “Burn Your Sissy Clitty With Your Crack Pipe” game are simple. Mary has to put the pipe on her nasty little package IMMEDIATELY after taking a long hit so the pipe will thoroughly burn her. The image of her grimace during these magic moments is etched on my mind, much like the burn marks etched on her “ladyparts.” What a fucking FREAK!

When it comes to humiliation phone sex, the freakier the better. And the more forced intox castration, the better. Mistress Raven and I have ZERO qualms about making any man (or sissy bitch) do “terrible” things to themself and their pathetic, boring dicks. And so we spent the afternoon whiling away the (last, for Mary’s balls) hours enjoying castration fantasy phone sex.

Eventually, new rules emerged: every hour our sissy had to add another zip tie to her dying testicles and tighten the ties already fastened.

Mary’s assignment was to wait two hours and call us back. And when she did, she’d followed her forced intox castration instructions perfectly. Mistress Raven and I were hysterical with laughter and amazed by how purple her balls had become. It was a sight to behold.

“You look like a weed whacker!” Mistress Raven screamed at her, making us both cackle like deranged dominatrix hyenas. This was better than Netflix!

After we made her take a few more hits, we decided it was time to try one of my other favorite CBT games: taking the back off a fan and pushing your clitty/dick/etc inside while it’s on full blast. I love sharing forced intox castration strategies and “games” with Raven. And insatiable pain slut sissy bitches are ALWAYS hungry for more.

Ready to make your castration fantasy phone sex dreams cum true? Mistress Raven and I are here to help during your double domme session, worm.


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