Doubly pathetic fucks like you can’t cum without a double domme session.

Even then, you’re such a chronic masturbating loser a double domme session might not “help” you “finish” your disgusting chore of jerking off. Ugh. You make me sick. And you make Mistress Raven fucking sick, too. Is it true you couldn’t even cum while your last escort was there, either? Ha ha. Thank GODDESS you called, we both needed a good laugh! And better yet, a good laugh at YOUR expense, literally.

All men crave female attention, female company. Other men are able to “attract” it by more conventional, normal means. You, however, are a failed man. Mistress Raven and I see right through your absurd charade. We’ve been humiliating limp-dicked weasels like you for years. And guess what? Even during billing, while we set up the call, our spidey senses tend to tingle. Your voice has not-so-latent desperation to it. And that excites us. Because if you’re calling Mistress Raven and me for humiliation phone sex, you’re calling us for what we really want, too.

Can’t admit how worthless you are out loud yet? Don’t worry, we can help!

What exactly is WRONG with you, anyway? Mistress Raven and I can’t wait to hear every tragic, underwhelming detail. Don’t leave anything out, bitch. And if you’re too stupid to know before calling us for our double domme session, never fear. She and I will get to the bottom of your bottomless well of “issues.” This is going to be fun. You might not cum (because you can’t), but ideally, you WILL cry. If I were you, I’d CRY as often as you masturbate!

Mistress Raven and I have verbally abused SO many perverts over the years, but her cruel snicker and rapid-fire witty quips make me laugh just as hard and viciously as I did during our first double domme session call. Our combined humiliatrix powers will weave a twisted web around you: a villainess cackle-filled crescendo, a beautiful, sick tandem much more powerful than you, pipsqueak. Will you be the freak to make us laugh the hardest today?? We hope so.

We have ZERO LIMITS and absolutely NO FUCKING TABOOS whatsoever.

In fact, we dare you to try and shock us. The more niche your fetish or fantasy, the more you might entertain us, however briefly. Here is a few examples of double domme session calls Raven and I have particularly enjoyed together:

  1. CUCKOLD HUMILIATION / CUCKOLDING FANTASY CONFESSIONS. You know what’s more pathetic than actually being cuckolded? Wishing you were being cuckolded! You’re too ashamed (as you should be) to tell your wife any of the sick shit you’re into, but we can’t WAIT to hear it all. Or is it all true? Did it start with an innocuous, inaugural threesome? Has it (d)evolved into you sleeping on the couch, a younger and much more hung man sharing your former marital bed with her?
  2. TABOO BLACKMAIL FANTASY. How fucked up is your secret masturbation fodder? Again, it’s VERY hard to shock austere, seasoned phone Mistresses like us. But Raven and I agree: just when we think we’ve heard it all, another closeted fringe fetishist CUMS out and confesses his (unforgivable) sins to us. We want to hear sick, secret things you can’t tell ANYONE else. And then we want to make fun of you about it. Brutally. Together. Maybe Mistress Raven and I can cook up a role play for you if you’re brainless AND want to be humiliated, hmmm? We’ll leave no unholy punishment/fitting retribution stone unturned as far as blackmailing you, of course. Maybe we’ll catch you in the act (or better yet, FORCE you into it) while recording a video? Maybe we’ll put it online? Send it to everyone you know?
  3. PSYCHOLOGICAL HUMILIATION: This is my personal favorite, and dehumanizing you for the listening pleasure of my beloved, oh-so mean colleague titillates me just that much more.

The more fucked up, “un-P.C.,” utterly forbidden to the point of being unthinkable, the BETTER.

Tired of scrolling through operators who ultimately leave you feeling coddled? Fuck that. Mistress Raven and I don’t believe in coddling, especially for a miserable deluded fuck like YOU. Ready to experience the ecstatic submission joy only we can give you? Perfect. But only one way to REALLY find out, mother fucker!

Phone Sex