Here’s a taboo blackmail fantasy that’s not even a little bit “PC.”

Much to my perverted delight, one of my regular callers regaled me with a taboo blackmail fantasy this afternoon. My client is a licensed doctor and has been working in his field for many years. In his earlier days of practice, a patient asked him to be her “plus one” to a dinner party. Sounds innocuous enough, right? c

After some internal debate about the ethics of accepting such a proposition, my client agreed to join her. Surprise, surprise, the atmosphere of this dinner party was a little “date-ier” than he’d anticipated. Unbeknownst to him, his patient had been hyping up her “date, the doctor” since his reluctant invite acceptance. Despite feeling a little flustered at first, after a night of drinks and merriment, his trepidations dissolved.

His patient/date insisted he give her a ride home. And that he escort her upstairs. Soon, she insisted he joins her in her jacuzzi. And that he be naked, of course. Naturally, one thing led to another, and before the night was through he was face fucking his (older, cougar-ish) patient. And naturally, he covered her face with his cum.

Fast forward to twenty-plus years later.

Since their hot tub rendezvous, his patient suffered a traumatic head injury and has early-onset dementia. Her filter is long gone, and every time she cums in for her annual check-up, she still thinks she’s dating my caller. Although their late-night passion is far from the past, in reality, it could have happened just last night to her. Every time. And so she carries on as if they’re still carrying on a sexual relationship.

Now, remember how my caller was torn about being her “plus-one”? He eventually trusted his patient would, like him, be discreet. Unfortunately, her filter-less degenerative condition guarantees a shameless lack of discretion. And, context-less, uncouth shamelessness generally!

Enter me, her younger caretaker sister and “advocate.”

Due to her impaired mental capacity, I’ve taken on the role of compassionate caregiver and health advocate. I sit by silently during her yearly exam with an unflinching poker face as she rattles on about your delicious cum and how she loves sucking your cock. You’re so embarrassed. You try not to make eye contact with me as you attempt to deescalate my horny, confused sister’s advances. I say goodbye cordially, without a hint of what’s to come next.

And then I show up at your office door the following Monday morning. Without my sister.

I tell you I’m on to the unprofessional relationship you’ve conducted with my sister. And I don’t care how long ago it was. The board still wouldn’t approve. Would they?

There are no limits to what I’ll force you to do during our taboo blackmail fantasy role play. Will I simply extort you? Maybe I’ll make you give me the same pleasure you gave my sister? Or maybe we’ll get really crazy. Maybe I’ll plant my alien spawn deep inside you. Nothing like revenge splorching!

You don’t have to keep scrolling through phone sex numbers anymore. I’m the no taboos, no limits FREAK (i.e. dream girl) you’ve been looking for!