You’ll make the perfect host body for my alien spawn.

The real reason I invited you to my costume party: I’ve chosen your body as the perfect receptacle for my alien spawn. These tentacles aren’t just a costume. They’re for reaching deep inside you and planting my other-worldly, divine eggs.

I’ll lure you downstairs and make sure we’re alone. Nothing can ruin my sacred seed spreading ritual. Will you resist as I pin you on the ground and climb on top of you? You can feel my alien cunt pulsing, ready to suck your cock into its vortex-like clutches.

My tentacles wrap around your body, squeezing any lingering resistance out of you. As I rip down your pants and look into your eyes, you realize you don’t want to resist anymore at all. I’m the all-powerful supernatural succubus of your dreams — if your dreams were this visceral, this surreal.

I slide my dripping, throbbing alien pussy around your erect cock. The pull, the contractions are like no woman’s insides you’ve ever felt before. You want to be the host body for my alien spawn more than you’ve ever wanted anything.y tentacles deep inside

I sense your readiness and push my tentacles deeper inside you. Between moans, you beg for my eggs, for my to use your body. We cum in unison, my tentacles suctioning, sucking harder.

Do you feel their spores releasing my seed? You’re going to feel me inside you until my alien spawn hatch, for weeks or maybe months. You don’t care how long, you just know that you want it. You want all of them, you want me.

Ready for our forced splorching role play? Have another fetish fantasy phone fuck in mind? You know what to do: call me. I’m right here, waiting for your call . . .

Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke