Some men need to be made to be a forced bisexual sissy. 

Some men know they love cock from the get-go. Other men need encouragement for them to be the perfect forced bisexual sissy. 

Al was one of the latter. 

He arrived in my apartment late in the night, because I promised him sex. Earlier in the week, he admitted to me that he had some unusual kinks, and he wanted to work through them with me. Though he described himself as a desperate panty boy, a few questions from me revealed more. For example, he only got off with a dildo in his mouth and his ass. Plus, he loved dressing in more than panties- a bra and undies. All in all, I realized, I had a sissy on my hands. When I asked him about cocks, Al laughed and shook his head. “No cocks,” he told me. However, his own jutted out, rock hard in his pants after I asked him. When I raised an eyebrow, he went red and sputtered that he wasn’t gay. 

Well. I don’t know about gay, but I know another bisexual when I see one. So, for the night Al was in my room. And consequently, I had big plans for this forced bisexual sissy, in order to force him to embrace his inner sexuality. 

It started, of course with cute panties I’d selected for him- lacy ones that hid his cock, but opened in the back for easy access. As I helped him into a garter and sheer, sheer black stockings (I mean, they ripped before we even started), he already began to get hard. Once I slipped that black dress onto him and pinched his cheeks to do his lipstick, well. Suffice to say, Al was raring to go. 

A Surprise for Al

Once Al’s makeup was near perfect, I went ahead and gave my friends (Al’s surprise) a “go ahead text”, and sat Al square on my lap, his little black dress riding up his hips. I might have encouraged it, as I whispered in Al’s ear. 

“I’ve got little extra treats for you. Some boy toys I love to play with,” I told him and watched as the door opened silently. Like ghosts, two of my male friends entered the apartment. They quietly grinned at me, shut the door, and began to strip down, their 8” cocks springing to attention. 

“You ready for your treat?” I ask Al, and he nods, grabbing my breasts. In response, I kiss his forehead. “I know you’re very soft, Al. A good boy for me. But you’re going to be a good girl for these men, too, right?” 

Al jumped in my arms and spun around, “I- I-” he stuttered, flushing as he saw their hard cocks. 

“I told them a special girl would be here tonight for them,” I added. “One willing to double-team them.” 

As Al squirmed, I pushed him off my lap and pushed his back down to the ground, making him take a kneeling position. I motioned to the man closest to us to come forward, and he did, his cock swinging between his legs. My hands gripped Al’s chin and forced him upwards to the cock, his lips tasting the precome from the head.

“Now then, sweetie. Be a good girl and open up.”


Maybe you’d love to be a forced bisexual sissy for me, too? Then call to quench your humiliation phone sex thirst! 

forced bisexual sissy