A Desperate Panty Boy Might Want to Wear Panties

Panties are nice and silky smooth, aren’t they, desperate panty boy? When you put them on, your desperate panty boy needs become very apparent. 

There are so many different panties to choose from, aren’t there? Tell me, what would a desperate panty boy like you want the most? 

What about a nice cotton set? Cotton breathes. Those panties are comfortable, cheap, and reliable. Plus, they’re very girl-next-door. No girl wearing cotton panties ever seduced anyone, you know? So if you’re a good panty wearing boy and not a desperate one, you can slip easily into a nice set. I bet once cotton panties are against your skin, you feel relaxed and comfortable, don’t you? A little vulnerable, a little small and girly, but that’s all right. Honestly, cotton panties are the best for relaxing. 

Lace panties are very sexy. They make you look fabulous. If ever there’s art to be had, lace panties will be in it. In short, if you want to appear as if you stepped out of an erotic photograph, lace panties are your way to go. Step into lace, and beauty becomes you. 

But, maybe beauty isn’t what you want. Maybe you want to embody sex. Might I point you to satin and silk? You can’t put them on, desperate panty boy, without feeling like a femme fatale. Once you put them on, there’s a spring in your step. Ready to hunt, you embody sex. Let that silken, smooth feel guide you on your way.

Or to Play with Used Panties

Well, some guys don’t want to wear panties. Some guys like to smell used panties, don’t they? 

Similarly, a desperate panty boy might do anything for a pair of used panties of mine. 

Playing with used panties isn’t the same as enjoying a wet t-shirt contest. For example, you don’t just look at used panties. No, the whole point of used panties is the smell and the feel. 

I always make sure to send panties I’ve worn. Some people want the sweat. That musky scent goes straight into their nose and down to their cock. It’s easy to picture that same sent if I were in your bed, isn’t it? Or if I’d just come back from the gym and opened up my legs for you, still sweaty and clammy from my workout. 

Some people just like my scent. I’m trimmed, so my pheromones stay in my hair and rub off into the panties. There’s nothing quite like the scent of a woman, is there? Sweet, soft, and calming. Breathe it in; it’s just me. 

But sometimes, no matter how hard I try, I can’t dry out my panties. They’re always a little wet. So go ahead and feel that through your fingertips. Know exactly what I’ve been doing there… and what it does to you.

Or to Have a Panty Orgasm

Let’s be real for a moment. Obviously, every cock has different sensitivities. And what fits your cock works best for you. Some people find cotton too scratchy. Some people find lace not absorbent enough. Silk might be too cold. But whatever feels good is what you should use. If it works for your cock, it works. 

Desperate panty boy, wrap those feminine items around you, the same way my pussy wraps around you. Imagine the feel is the same as the inside of my pussy, soft and wet and warm. I want you to know, with those panties, your cock is so wonderfully close to my pussy, isn’t it? 

However, what really matters, in the long run, is that the panties touching your cock were once on me. 

They’re the same panties I wore a few days ago. And I don’t just wear my panties. 

To be honest, If I haven’t orgasmed in my panties, then they aren’t mine yet. So, the first thing I do is slide a toy up inside me and then come right inside them. Always, I break in a new pair, no matter how they feel against my skin. And I don’t orgasm once. Instead, I come in my panties again and again.

So, when you put my used panties around your cock, know that you’re touching what I’ve touched. You and I have cum on the same cloth. We’re reaching bliss together. 

After all, isn’t sharing bliss with me why you’re so desperate?


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Desperate Panty Boy