This little Forced Bi Story Started Out As A Cuckold And Evolved From There

This man I’ve been seeing asked me pretty quickly if I’d ever been involved in a cuckold relationship. He said it really got him off harder than anything else to watch his woman get fucked by another man. I’m not that into this guy in all honesty, but his sexually adventurous personality appealed to me. So many men are not adventurous, so when you find one that is, it’s exciting. This little Forced Bi Story started out as a cuckold and evolved from there. We found a few different guys to fuck me while he watched. He really liked it a lot, but I wanted something more. Strap on play is fun but I wanted more

In my forced bi story, it was like his personal porn show

The first date was with this guy he worked with, good looking, huge dick. It didn’t take much convincing me to fuck him at all. My boyfriend sat in the corner, watching from his chair as I spread open and pounded by this stud. His dick stretched me open, and he made me cum several times. My nipples were hard from him sucking on them as I rode his cock. I’d glance over my shoulder and see my boyfriend stroking his little dick so fast his hand was a blur. He loved to watch. It was like his own private, personal porn show.

These guys were fun to fuck

The next time he asked an old college buddy of his to come over. He sat on the one corner of the bed to watch. He wanted to see it all up close and personal. As his friend’s cock slid in and out of my pussy, his face buried in the guy’s balls. He watched the proceedings mere inches away. These guys were fun to fuck sure. It seemed he was getting a lot more out of the deal than I seemed to be, so I had an idea.

It was time to change things up in this forced bi story

After a few of these dates, I told him the thing I really wanted was to see him suck cock. He said he wasn’t really into that. I said if you want to watch me get fucked, I will watch you suck dick. He was so reluctant. I got him on his knees before the guy that just fucked me. His expression was priceless. The not wanting to do it, but wanting to see me get fucked, it was a real conundrum for him. He decided it was worth it to him to watch me get fucked. I held his head in one hand and the cock of the other man in the other. I swear I didn’t think I’d get him to open his mouth. It was hilarious. I was laughing at him, calling him a cocksucker. I practically had to pry his jaws open, but open they went.

This Was Turning Out To Be Funny As Hell

Just a little bit at first, then wider as I eased the cock head into his mouth. He acted like it was the most awful-tasting medicine in the world. To have that dick slide inside his mouth. I was teasing and taunting the entire time. He closed his eyes and took it in. This Forced Bi Story was funny as hell for me, seeming torture for him. He stuck his tongue out to lick the shaft and then the head. The wet pre-cum flowed onto the tip of his tongue and I encouraged him to slurp it up. He got a bit more used to it each time. I wouldn’t call him an enthusiastic cocksucker, but he did it for me.

He Had To Admit That He Was Falling In Love With Dick

The next few times we got together, he almost acquired a taste for it. I needed to force him less and less, as is often the case. I could tell when I’d see his dick get hard as the cock neared his mouth. He never said as much of course, but it was easily visible to me. He was growing to like it and crave it. The Forced Bi Story made him admit to himself he perhaps was growing to love dick. I teased him about it and he finally admitted it. I can turn most men into cocksuckers given the right circumstances and conditions. I’ve tried it with a few other men over the years. I’ve seen it happen. We have another session tonight, we’re both looking forward to it.

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