Forced bi humiliation

I love a good cocksucker. Even if I have to add a little force into making it happen. Something so cute about you little pathetic forced bi humiliation freaks. Tom knows exactly what I’m talking about. He tried telling me he wasn’t into sucking dick. But even I could read through that bull shit. The guy wears womens lingerie, stocking and high heels. He’s into cross dressing chances are he’s at least bisexual. Of course Tom told me he had never been sexual with a man before. I believed but I knew he was at least curious. Finally Tom wanted to prove me wrong. So he went to the store and bought a strap on. I made him suck it and I even fucked his ass.

He did everything as I asked. I laughed when he showed me he was getting hard. “Honestly it’s because your fagot ass cock sucker” I told him. “You fucking love the dick bitch”. Can you guess what happened? The mother fucker came! But Tom insisted that his orgasm wasn’t proof  he was gay or bisexual because it wasn’t a real dick. Tom thinks its the humiliation thats getting him off. But I told him he was in denial. So Tom approaches me with a new idea to prove he is without a doubt a straight man. We find one big dick mother fucker and Tom agrees to suck his dick for proof. If Tom doesn’t cum or even get an erection then I’ll accept he is straight. The guys came to my house and I Tom pulled out the guys big dick.

Grab that big dick!

I made him squeeze it and just feel it out. Tom laughs and says he’s not even slightly turned on. I laugh and say “Don’t speak too soon”. He’s on his knees, eye level, and stroking that big dick. It’s funny how he thinks he’s already won but I knew it wouldn’t last. I walk behind Tom and grab his head, I bite his ear and say “Suck it you fag!” Then I shoved his face down on it. He chokes and there is gagging but like I care. I keep his head held down on that big dick. This is where that forced bi humiliation gets real fun. I let him lift his head and I ask him if he likes cock now. He denies liking cock and even calls me a bitch. Afterwards I shove his face back down on that cock again.

When I let him I ask again if he likes cock.He spits at me but he’s not match for me. The guy he’s sucking throws him on the bed.I spit in Toms mouth and say “Whose the bitch now?” And after I ask him my new friend starts forcing his cock inside Tom’s ass. Don’t worry I made him do it real slow so I could humiliate Tom with every inch. I even took video of Tom’s ass getting penetrated by a big dick. It was begging and screaming at first but then we started hearing those screams turn into moans. “See I told you your a fag!” “Your fucking pathetic”. Seems humiliation isn’t the only thing getting him off. Tom likes that forced bi humiliation.

Ass fucking time

As that big dick gets all the way inside Tom he thrust harder and harder. Can you guess what happened? Thats fucking right! Tom Came!  Now the other part of this deal was he had to eat his own cum if he lost. Which he says is unfair because I forced it on him. But a deal is a deal and he didn’t set limits. Even if there had been limits I would of pushed them. After Tom came all over my bed sheets he begged to prove he was straight. He thinks if he fucks me and cums it proves he isn’t bisexual. I just laugh there is no way he is using that pathetic dick on me. The cocks that go inside me are the manly ones. I don’t fuck losers that suck dick and let some strange man fuck their ass.

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