Follow my voice and listen to my masturbation instructions

Your old masturbation routine not working for you anymore? It’s happened to us all before and it will keep happening that’s why you need to give my masturbation instructions a try. Give your old routine a break and come try something new. And before you write it off let me give you a little taste at what your in for. A few years back I once had a submissive that was in desperate need of masturbation instructions. He would come over, whenever I demanded even if it was midnight. I always had him strip naked and kneel down in front of me. This guy wouldn’t even get hard until he was in front of me and granted permission. I would make him grab his dick and I would instruct him. He stroked up and down doing everything he was told.

But I didn’t just give him masturbation instructions I also edged him. Edging is something that feels amazing when doing it my way. You have to trust me and listen to my every word or else you don’t get to feel the amazing effects. The orgasms are mind blowing when edging. I’ll usually where something sexy and taunt him with my sexy voice while he jerks off. One day I introduced a sex toy into our stroke him games. I turned my vibrator on high and rubbed it all over his cock. It definitely had a teasing effect. We eventually worked up to but plugs and anal toys. It sounds crazy I know but using anal toys while following my masturbation instructions feels so good. Sure I can give masturbation instructions without anal stimulation but lets not be afraid to explore.

Be open minded explore

I lubed one of those vibrating eggs and pushed it into his ass. He was jerking off while I controlled how fast or slow I’d let the egg vibrate. It was so hard for him to contain himself and he almost came until I slapped his balls. Yeah you heard me! I slapped his balls. The pain kept him from cumming all over himself. But when I saw precum dripping from his cock I did feed it to him. Too kinky? Think you can handle sex toys, edging and cum eating? I’m one kinky bitch and I love to explore. After playing around with anal toys I remembered I have a pocket pussy. And if you don’t have one you can make a DYI Pocket pussy.

Pocket pussy’s are easy to make and most of the things you already have in your home. I used mine to edge my little pet. Instead of him using his hand to jerk off he started using the pocket pussy. After he starting leaking cum into my sex toy I made him scoop it with his finger and eat it. It’s not good to be wasteful. He sticks his dick back inside, thrusting into faster when I command. After an hour or so I’ll finally let him cum but only if he shoots it into his face. Last week he was out of tow for business and I sent him a shopping list. When he came back from shopping he called me and got masturbation instructions using items from his shopping list.

I like to watch

Sometimes I make him a list of things to take with him on his trips instead of a shopping list. When he’s away I get to watch on skype so I know he doing everything I ask. My little pet loves jerking off for me. And my little pet loves to let me watch him. Will you turn on your skype and let me watch you? I want to see you jerking off to my masturbation instructions. Grab your cock and your sex toys if your open minded to anything. Trust me and let me show you what an orgasm can really feel like. Want to know what else I’m into? Check out my hardcore group sex blog from last week.

I told you I was a kinky girl. Are your ready for fantastic phone sex with a sexy kinky bitch like me? I’m waiting come and get me.