I went to Cali for school.  My Daddy had made arrangements for me to stay at his friend’s house so I would not have to spend so much money on rent.   When I came home the one day after class.  My Dad’s friend was standing there with a not so happy look on his face.

With out even a hello he demanded I take my clothes.  Of course I was like fuck you! No way if he wanted my clothes off he would have to come take them off.  That is exactly what he did.  He came over and started to rip my clothes off me, telling me what a bitch I am, and a nasty little slut.

He knocked me down on my knees and made me suck his dick.  Apparently he did not like how mouthy I was and that was his way of shutting me up.  It was not long after that he made me stand up turn around and forced his cock deep inside my asshole.  The pain was horrific.  It burned.  It burned badly.  I told him he was asshole, he can’t just takes what he wants in life.

He through me on my back, my head hit the floor so bad I thought he had cracked it.  He lifted my legs up and started to pound my pussy.  This time though my hands were free.  I saw the stilettos I had worn that day in my reach.  I grabbed it told him, if he liked to rape people for fun, I was going to return the favor.  I took the heal and slammed it into his ass.  I literally was punching that thing into him.   The sole of the shoe was banging hard against his balls.  I thought I was teaching him a lesson, but then all of a sudden he came all over and inside me.

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