Do you have a foot fetish for beautiful white feet?

You have a foot fetish, don’t you? I’ve noticed the way that you can’t tear your eyes away from my beautiful white feet. The fact that I get them regularly pedicured keeps them nice and silky soft. The toe ring and the anklet draw your eye in and keep you absolutely captivated. Your mouth is watering and your hand is aching to reach out feel these soft silky feet. You can look all you want, but no touching. You’ve got to earn that right. I bet I know what you would really enjoy seeing. Do you want to see a big black cock between my feet?

I’m going to take your foot fetish to a whole other level. Tell me what your real fetish is. Is it truly about my beautiful white feet or is it more about the big black cock? You’re definitely drooling, the question is why? Watch as I slide that big juicy black cock between my feet and begin to stroke it. It’s throbbing and pulsating against the arches of my pretty feet. Some pre-cum is even starting to drip out already. Watch my big toe slowly circle around that big mushroom head as I scoop it up.

Not wanting to let that pre-cum go to waste, I’m going to lick it off my toe.

It tastes so delicious it just melts in my mouth. Now I’m craving a whole lot more than just some pre-cum. Watch as my feet glide up and down that throbbing big black cock. It’s getting stiffer by the minute and those big black balls are filling up with cum. It’s going to be a really big load. Watch that big black cock explode and shoot big hot sticky loads of cum all over my feet. If you’re a good boy I might let you lick it all up afterward.

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