foot fetish is hot with GiseleHe Admitted He Has Always Had A Real Foot Fetish

I’ve always enjoyed pampering my feet, doing my own pedicures, buying myself fancy footwear. And the latest guy I’ve been seeing certainly noticed right away. I’d often catch him staring at my feet, or offering to give me foot massages, which of course I adore. Then he admitted he has always had a real foot fetish. I suspected he might, and I kind of like that actually. He can rub my feet anytime he’d like, I love it. He’s also bought me a few pair of sexy looking shoes. I asked him if he also enjoyed getting foot jobs, which of course he said he does. So now anytime we are sitting watching t.v. on the couch and my feet are in his lap, I will tease him, by squirming them in his crotch area, driving him crazy.

He Liked The Feel Of The Nylons Over His Cock Head

I can usually feel him go hard a few seconds after I start to play with his dick with my feet and he starts to groan appreciatively. I even got some sexy stockings to wear with some of the high heeled shoes he got, since he mentioned he enjoyed a foot job with stocking covered feet. The feel of the nylons over his cock head, going over the tip of it, smearing the precum all over with the tip of my big toe. He loves black nylons especially, since when he cums on them. The little drops of cum show up a lot better on the black hose than the beige flesh toned ones.

I Swirled My Toes Around His Cock

The feeling of me curling my toes around his cock and squishing them, he really enjoys it. And I love to drain his balls that way. Sometimes I just use my feet for foreplay. Last night I teased him through his jeans and then we went into the bedroom and fucked for hours. He gets so hot when I’ve used those feet on him. I sucked him as I looked him right in the eye, just drooling all over his cock. Taking as much down my throat as I could. I was rubbing my pussy as I sucked him. And I took some of the juices from my fingers and smeared them over the tip of his cock. And then licked them off. He loves seeing me do naughty things like that. His cock got even harder.

His Foot Fetish Was As Fun For Me As It Was For Him

Then he got me on all fours and slid into me from behind. His long, thick cock stretching my cunt lips open as he thrust in repeatedly, fucking me long and hard. My tits were shaking, and he even spanked my ass a few times. When we were finished and just laying next to each other holding each other. He reached down and started to caress my feet again. His foot fetish was as fun for me as it was for him. He played with them for a while and then we got up and had a shower together, washing off all the stickiness from our fucking. Then he asked if he could rub some cream into my feet, he never gives up, and I wouldn’t want him to.

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