My Boyfriend Loves Sexy Legs

Last weekend was my boyfriend’s birthday and I wanted to make it special for him. I made us a nice dinner and there was a new lingerie store that had opened up at the mall .I stopped by to see what things they had and I got a beautiful outfit I knew he’d just love. A merry widow and some sexy, seamed stockings. I got some new stiletto heels as well. He’s always loved my legs and these stockings made them look even sexier than they usually did. I gave myself a fresh pedicure the night before. My feet and legs looked as good as they possibly could. I shaved in the shower and rubbed lotion on my legs before slipping on the stockings and they were as smooth as silk.

I Knew He Liked My Surprise

After dinner, I emerged from the bedroom with him sitting in his favorite, overstuffed chair. His eyes roved approvingly up and down my body in the sexy lingerie I’d gotten. I giggled when I could literally see the tent rising in his pants, showing his opinion on the outfit. So I went over to him and spun around slowly in front of him. And asked him if he saw anything he liked to which he replied, “Hell, yeah!” I sat on his lap and we kissed and he ran his hands up and down my silky, stocking covered legs.

Gisele stockings

His fingers soon found their way to my crotch. Needless to say he was pleased when he discovered the panties were crotchless. The lacy slit in the panties soon had his curious fingers creeping inside to get to my stiff and juicy clit. We kissed passionately. My legs splayed wide, bucking against his hand to cum all over those expert, teasing fingers. I was just dripping wet, and I soon unzipped his pants. And released that hard cock from within and straddled him. My legs dangling over the arms of the chair and my arms wrapped around his neck, grinding against him.

He Put His Throbbing Dick Inside Me

It didn’t take but a moment to get that throbbing dick inside of me and start riding up and down on it. He was grabbing me by the hips and feeling it slide in all the way up to the balls. Squeezing my pussy muscles around him and his large, throbbing cock. His balls filling with cum and driving me wild. Our mouths hungry for one another and fucking like animals.

We both came explosively and he said what a happy birthday I’d made it. And how much he loved my sexy outfit that turned him on so much. I got off his lap and slid onto the floor in front of him, kneeling on my legs and started to lick all the cum off his dick. all of our sweet, sticky juices mingled together. He had his hand on the back of my head as I sucked him off and it made me even wetter to do so. I made him cum several times that birthday, and it was a wonderful night for us both.
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