He Had A Foot Fetish And I loved It

My latest boyfriend has a foot fetish.  Oral sex alone is not his favorite as it is mine. I cannot say that I mind, because he lavishes me with lots of beautiful footwear. He told me about his kink when we met and it didn’t bother me at all. He’d told me how much he loves to give foot massages, and I’m certainly up for that. He loves to worship my feet and kiss them and suck on my toes. It kind of tickles when he does that, but I also love to make him happy. He asked if I’d be willing to try a foot job and I said sure, I was fine with that. And He grabbed my feet with his hands and clamped them on either side of his cock. He began to fuck the soles of them. I could tell he was really aroused. Then he let go and I was curling my toes around the dripping, hardened shaft. I squished my toes all over his balls and traced my big toe over the tip of his wet cock. Smoothing the wet, slippery precum around it.

I would use anything to get his attention to my feet

He said I was very good at teasing him with my feet. Having a boyfriend with a foot fetish can be a lot of fun. You can wear some lovely strappy sandals others might think are pretty. At the same time you know he’s getting aroused by the look of your feet in them. I never really experimented with toe rings until he gave me some. Jewelry for my feet. Also a lovely ankle bracelet. Anything to bring attention to my tender tootsies. He actually enjoys giving me pedicures, and once the toenails are dry, he loves to jerk off on my feet. He said the tiny drops of cum beading on my toenails and the tops of my feet really get him off. Once in a while, he will have me give him a foot job while I’m wearing stockings, black ones. He loves the way the pearls of cum shoot across the nylons and then sink into them.

I Was literally Giving Him A Foot Job In a Public Place

Last week we were at a restaurant and there was a long wait. We were at the table for over a half hour before we could order. I’m sure you can imagine what he was having me do under that table cloth. He’d reached over, gotten my feet up in his lap, and unzipped his pants. I was giving him a foot job and no one was the wiser. He was able to control his sexy orgasm sounds as he fucked my feet. I felt his gooey cum squirt all over the tops of my feet. He wiped it off with a napkin before the waiter came and we could order. No one at the restaurant had any idea about the foot job that had just happened under the table.

I Have Good Control Of My Toes And I  Use It

When we fuck, he likes to fuck with my feet on his shoulders. I love that as well, as it allows for deep penetration, but he loves it for a different reason. He often turns his head a bit and licks or sucks my toes as he pounds that cock into my cunt. That rock hard cock sliding in and out of my pussy, tits shaking back and forth, toes in his mouth. I swear, he cums hardest when he does that. I’ve gotten quite good at pleasuring him with my feet. It’s a talent not all women have, he told me. Some are quite clumsy at it and he cannot cum with their amateurish efforts. I honestly have good control of my toes and can pick things up off the floor with them. So wrapping them around a hard cock and coaxing it to cum is no effort at all, really.

Summer is the best season for a man with a foot fetish, he says. Feet on display in sandals and flip flops are as exciting to him as a nude beach would be to other men. Women’s lovely, well-groomed feet in sexy sandals have been enough to make him jerk off when he got home. My feet have never been so pampered and well cared for, nor looked as good. Foot fetish men can be a lot of fun, I’ve found.

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