First Time Sex Story – Turning out a TEEN!

First Time Sex Story. I was young, so young. A girlfriend of mine and I decided we were going to have 2 guys over to swim while her parents were working. My Idea of course. See, my new friend had just moved here to North Carolina 2 weeks prior and she was having trouble making friends. So, I decided to befriend her. T was a little nerdy and very shy. She always wore clothes way too baggy for her and she was a size 0. This girl had no idea of the name I had made for myself around the school. The other thing she didn’t know about was how I had planned to turn her out that Friday.

Her parents left at 545 am and at 6 am we were up getting ready thanks to a phone call from her mom, telling us we needed to get up and ready for school. She was very slender, short brown hair with freckles. Her name was Tiffany, and she had just moved here from PA. No friends, except me.”Maybe we should go to school Anna… I mean I’ve been here less than a month and I’m going to skip with less than a month left? that’s stupid” Tiffany fussed.

I pulled my ICP’s “The Great Milenko” nightshirt up way over my head showing off my plump little tits and perky nips.

“Really, Tiff? I know you are new around here, but those are 2 of the hottest guys at school… and THEY wanna hang out with US” I put on my neon string bikini top and turned so she could tie my back, as I painted on 2 yummy layers of my birthday cake lip-smacker I looked at her in the mirror ” Besides, I really think Levi has a thing for you, and who knows he may end up FUCKING you in the pool” her eyes got wide, and I busted out laughing.

“Tiff, what? you mean… OMFG, you are a VIRGIN?” I said with my mouth gaping open. ” Right now it’s just High school, but seriously you don’t wanna be one of those prude virgin college girls, do ya Tiff?”

She shook her head -yes- and looked so scared and so disappointed at my laughter. I softened my eyes looking at her. “It’s gonna be okay, I mean I’ve fucked a LOT and it just gets better every time. My first time sex story wasn’t so great, I really had no idea what I was doing. But, Tiff you got ME, and I can help you so your first time sex story will be EPIC!”

“Really Anna?” Tiffany was already shaking and nervous.

“Of course, how many people have you heard tell that their first time sex story was AWESOME? huh… no one right?” She shook her head -no- “Well you have me, and even though I’m just a teenager I’m pretty awesome at fucking, sucking cock, eating pussy and *giggle* making people cum”

She looked at me with disgust as I scrunched my long red locks in the mirror “You’re Bi Anna?”
“I don’t like labels, I just think if it feels good and you like it you should do it, ya know?” I raked on waterproof
mascara. Tiffany fell silent, just staring at me.
“C’ mon Tiff, you’re telling me you have never even kissed a girl?” I looked wide-eyed at her.
“No, I’ve thought about it, but I don’t think I’d ever been able to get the nerve up to kiss a girl” she just stared at me.

“Wanna kiss me?” I said smiling and popping my bubble gum. Tiffs eyes darted around the room and she took a huge breath.

“Tiff it’s just a kiss, I tell you what, I can be your – kissed a girl first time sex story *wink*- we can start off with
just a little kiss, just lips and if you like it you just move your tongue into my mouth, ok?”
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