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Fantasy sex stories. Dressed to the 9’s. I walked in sexy 5-inch heels down a dark hallway. I felt sexy. This Dark haired goddess, Raven,  leading me to a perversion only my twisted mind would yearn for. She is my best friend, yet she loves to watch and instruct me to do the nastiest things. That’s how I know she cares. She knows my perversions, my obsessions, my wants and my desires. She will give them to me, at a price. Sexy Fantasy sex stories always come at a price.

I live out here in the country, the bible belt- if you will. Glory Holes aren’t something you see around here. (Fuck, the most common thing is a post office, or a church *giggle*) Though I have always wanted to visit one. I went to see Raven this past weekend, and she had a surprise for me. She was going to lead me to fulfill one of my most desired fantasy sex stories and make it come true. Imagine the hottest phone sex girls, taking Jersey by storm.

I was instructed to sit staring at this empty hole.

The good girl that I am, I did as told. Not 2 minutes went by before a thick cock came jutting through. I looked to Raven for permission. As she smiled a wicked grin and sipped her wine. ” Hands behind you Anna, use your mouth and tongue only” I stared at this cock, this throbbing man meat. I didn’t know what he looked like, what he did, did Raven know him? was he an actual stranger that was just as horny as I was. I wondered was this one of his fantasy sex stories too?

I slowly licked and lapped at his rod, looking to Raven for her approval. She sauntered so sexily around the room, her sexy shadow looming over me as I blew this strange man. I heard how badly he needed to be tested, how hot my mouth made him, through his little gasps of air. Raven nodded with approval, and I lost myself on this stranger’s hard cock. Sucking slowly, and throating, licking and kissing sweetly. I felt his hands on the other side of the wall, I felt his pleasure, his want, his frustration when I slowed. Most of all, I felt his animalistic hunger, his ache to cum.

His cock began to get bigger in my mouth, Harder.

I started throating him, sending ropes of slobber sliding down my chin. I was sucking him so fast and hard that my spit was splattering against the glory hole wall.
He began to bang against the wall, and I pulled back just in time for him to cover my face with his cum.

She nodded at me with total approval. I smiled wiping his cream from my Slut mouth.

I’m proud to say that I helped to make one of those filthy fucking stains on Jerseys Most ELITE Glory Hole.

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