First Time Sex Story With My Delivery Boy

This one young guy that is a delivery boy for the pharmacy I use. He’s really sweet, so cute, I’ve flirted with him m

caseyloves to tell a first time sex story

any times, and he usually blushes, but I think he likes me too. I think he was giving me a sign when on the back of the bag he gave me last time was his cell phone number. He didn’t mention it and I hadn’t asked for it, it was just there. I kept it and filed it away. I was so horny the other night. Masturbation was simply not going to cut it, I didn’t have any fuck buddies at the moment. So I texted him from the number on the back of the bag, and asked him if he was busy. He took all of about thirty seconds to reply. I asked him if he wanted to come over. He was there in fifteen minutes.I had no clue this was going to be some kind of first time sex story for him.

He Had Just Turned Eighteen And Was Still A Virgin

When he arrived, he said his birthday had only been the day before, and he’d just turned eighteen. Oh, I felt a bit naughty, but I hadn’t known. He confessed he was a virgin. And he came by tonight because he thought maybe I’d texted him because I was interested in him, which of course I was. I said yes, I found him very attractive and I wanted to touch him, and have him touch me. He blushed and I reached over and stroked his cheek. I leaned over and kissed him and asked if he’d like to stay with me tonight and he nodded.

This Was Going To Be Interesting

I led him by the hand to my bedroom and undressed him. And then myself as he watched, sitting on the edge of the be

d. He was as hard as a rock, his young cock standing at attention for me. I often fantasized about being a first time sex teacher. I frequently read erotica on stories websites. And a hot, first time sex story was always my favorite kind to read. Especially the older woman, younger man kind.

They had such a sweetness, such an innocence about them, they really got me off. I laid him on his back and straddled him, I lowered my wet pussy down onto his hard cock. And I began to slowly rock back and forth. I didn’t think he’d likely last lon

g since it was his first time and he was so horny. He surprised me.

This Young Guy Made Me Orgasm Again And Again

He said he liked to stop and start when he masturbated and could do it for hours. So I laughed and said it was good training for when he was with a woman. He lasted as I rode him through three orgasms, and I said he could cum when I was satisfied. He played with my breasts, and pinched my nipples lightly. And grabbed my ass cheeks and he shot his entire load of young cum into me. And filled me up until it was dripping back down the sides of his shaft that was still buried balls deep in my pussy. He surprised me. I’d loved fucking him and teaching him. He was so sweet, and I looked forward to many more lessons in the near future! I’m glad I would be a part of his first time sex story.

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