First time sex story

This first time sex story happened so suddenly and yes it is one of my incest sex stories

“You cannot go out wearing that!”


“You look too sexy for school and the boys would go nuts.”

“Now why do you think that”

“BECAUSE  I am thinking those same things…”

I noticed that he had developed a very big hard-on.  I sat on the couch letting my skirt slide up

“You aren’t being fair,” I pouted

He stared “Boys would be wanting to fuck you and have you suck their cocks.”  I looked at him, then his crotch smiled.

“Do I affect you that way, too?”

He didn’t answer, but he pulled his huge cock out.

“I am still a virgin, but often think about boys and sex.”

He hugged me and “accidentally” touched my breast. I brushed his cock with my hand and hugged him back.

“This is what that that your outfit and body cause and I have lost all control.”

He grabbed his huge cock with one hand and the back of my head with the other. He pushed my head down to his cock and started to slap my face and lips with it.

I was captivated yet nervous. I stayed still not wanting him to stop. Then I opened my mouth and tried to lick and suck that magnificent cock.

Eventually, he allowed the head of his cock to stay in my mouth. I tasted a man for the first time and became addicted to it.

I sucked and licked on his head until he started humping his hips upwards. Feeling every ridge of his shaft slide over my tongue in a caress.

Then the bumping against the back of my throat. His hand on my head began to tighten in my hair pulling and pushing gently guiding me.

“Close your lips around my cock and keep them closed.” I sucked it loving the taste and feel. My body was on fire with needs I did not understand. I think I was in lust haze pulling off his cock for breath and begged him…

“Fuck me, PLEASE, Fuck me”

Instead, he shoved my head downward. I opened my mouth engulfing his cock. In moments his grip in my hair ripped my face upwards.

He held his cock in front of my face and came all over my face and mouth. I tasted it and wanted more. I was still in a haze, pulling down I took his cock back in my mouth sucking it clean of every drop.

LOL, it has the effect of keeping his cock hard as steel. I needed more. I needed to him in me, my pussy was leaking and on fire, I knew I need that huge cock to fill me.

Lord how I need him to slowly put his monster cock into my wet, virgin pussy. It will hurt at first, but then it was will be great…

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