First Time Sex Stories: How I learned to suck cock

Who doesn’t love first time sex stories? When I was 18 I had this really hot neighbor.  He could tell I really wanted to suck cock. So one day, he decided to show me how.

We were on my back porch, I was wearing a tiny pair of orange shorts which showed off my ass and a bikini top. His eyes kept wandering all over my body, I really wanted it to be his hands doing the wandering, though. No one was home at my house, so I turned around and walked inside, getting him to follow by swaying my hips so he could see just how tiny those shorts were.

Once inside, he grabbed me and pushed me up against the wall kissing me.  His hands grabbed my ass and pulled me closer to him. I could feel his rock hard cock against my shorts.  I let out a cry of surprise at how big his cock felt against my tiny teen pussy. He smiled and asked me if I wanted to get a closer look at it. Of course, I did.

He unbuttoned his pants and pulled out his hard cock.  He asked me if I knew how to suck cock and when I said I didn’t he said he would teach me.

I put my wet mouth over his big cock, sliding my mouth all the way to the base. He told me to use my tongue to massage his cock as I moved up and down and he really liked that.  I worked that cock until I started to feel him tense up, he was going to cum.  He wanted to cum on my face since I was such a good little slut for him.   I felt his warm cum cover my face. He stuck his cock back in my mouth to make sure I got all of his cum.

I had so much fun that first time, maybe that’s why I still love to suck cock so much! I’ve learned since then that it’s even better when the sex is in public

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