My first time with the car dealership owner in my hot ride

My first time with the car dealership owner was amazing. I remember when I got my first new car from the dealership. It was a Mercedes Benz All white with leather nice interior. The best part was the stick that came with it. I walked in looking for a new car. That day was super hot but as I walked in it was so cool inside of the dealership and my nipples got hard instantly. I was wearing a really short skirt with a thin lace top with no bra. The dealer noticed me instantly. As he walked up I noticed him gazing at my perky tits and he could clearly see through my sheer white top. My pretty pink nipples showing, had him hard as a rock as he walked toward me smiling.

He had pretty brown eyes and he smelled so fucking good. This man was so sexy, he had me lost for words. He said softly, hi I’m David. I looked down and noticed that big bulge in his pants. David must have been at least 9 inches, and I wanted every inch inside of me. He took a step back and said “you are?” Oh, I’m sorry, I’m Riley. He said how can I help you today day Miss Riley?

With pun intended, I let him know I needed something big and powerful.

He laughed and said I’ve got just what you need. I smiled at him and started to blush. Oh, really! I said. Then I looked him up and down. He had to be at least 6’3″, his skin was milk chocolate. David broke my gaze with a laugh. He said I was talking about that car.  I smiled at him making eye contact so he knew exactly where I was things would go. He turned around and led me to the car. I asked him if it was very spacious inside. David opened the door and told me to have a look for myself. I leaned inside and my skirt came up just a little.

As I was going to fix it I looked back and noticed him staring at my ass.

I wasn’t wearing any panties, my pretty pink pussy lips were showing. As I started to slide out of the car I intentionally pushed my juicy ass up against him. His big black cock was hard and throbbing. My pussy instantly got wet. I decided to turn around and make a big move. Not only did I want the car, but I wanted that big black cock just as much! I told him I was sorry for rubbing my ass against his big dick and giggled.

I looked at him seductively and asked, why don’t you get in, and let’s see how roomy it is? He looked around the store and looked at me before getting into the car then I got in behind him and shut the door. David started to ask how I liked the car. I put my hand over his mouth and grabbed his big dick, pulled it out it was just as big as I imagined. I didn’t waste any time, I went down and started to lick it slowly.

As my tongue slid up and down his shaft, he let out a moan.

It was so sexy. He grabbed my head and pushed me down on his cock. I started to go a little faster and grabbed that big black cock with one hand and caressed his balls with the other. Then I put his dick to the back of my throat. David reached over with his big strong arms and started rubbing my wet pussy. My pussy was so wet, my juices were dripping down his arm. I told him to sit back and relax. I got down on the floor, pulled my tits out, and put that big cock in between them.
While I was going up and down on his dick the head slid into my mouth. I continued for a while until I couldn’t control the anxious feeling. Finally, I climbed on top of him and slid that throbbing cock in my pussy. Riding his cock felt so good, I came within seconds of having him inside me. He wasn’t far behind at all. After I came, I felt him filling me up and I loved every second of it. Needless to say, my first time at the dealership with the owner was one to remember. My first time at the dealership with the owner was also, not my last.
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