Let me tell you about my first date sex that a friend of mine set up after my move to another state. To say that night end well would be an understatement. Let’s just say that ever hole received cum and penetration. What he didn’t know is that I was more than ready for what he wanted.

I had to get sexy before it all beautifully unraveled.

I was wearing a short navy blue strapless dress, jet black stockings, and 6″ heels. After our night out we came back to the house and sat in my room. We sat down to talk while doing so, he couldn’t keep his hands off of me. He started rubbing the back of my hand, then began caressing my arm and finally moved in to put his arms around me for our first kiss.

I wasn’t expecting our first date to start like this, but my room is always ready for romance or whatever else you might have in mind for us. Some music added the flow we needed and I also did a slow striptease for him while I lit up a cigarette. I had no idea he had a smoking fetish until I lit that match. That animalistic look in his eyes made my kitty purr. I knew that the first date sex would be good!

He was rock hard and massaging his throbbing cock by my third puff.

My mouth started to water as I lowered myself to my knees to give him a smoky blow job. I inhaled a long drag and I unzipped his pants, pulling his cock through the crotch hole. I sucked him and blew smoke on his shaft and balls interchangeably which drove him crazy. As I finished, right before he came, I could tell that he had something else in mind for us. I’m extremely flexible and didn’t mind switching gears for him.

He held me for a moment and whispered that he wanted to make me cum first. He laid me back on my bed and started licking my pussy while I was smoking. I call a guy that talented a professional licker. I trembled uncontrollably as I came for him. He held me for a few minutes after I came. My guess was that he wanted to think over how to say what came next.

Then he told me he had a rather embarrassing secret to tell me before our first date sex.

I reassured him that he had nothing to be embarrassed about with me. So he continued on by saying that anal sex is what makes him cum the hardest and best. He was nervous because he thought most girls don’t go for guys who are into that. I smiled and told him to let me at that ass! Once I retrieved my strapon play option he hurriedly took the remainder of his clothes off and got on all fours.

I tickled and teased his pucker hole until he was begging me to slide it in. I did but only my finger at first. Then two, and then another and another until I was fisting him. It didn’t surprise me since he likes anal play so much. I thought he’d be…open…for slow, full fisting.

He stroked his dick and I sucked him while I twisted my fist in his ass, pulled it in and out and teased him with my fingers. I brought him to the edge a few times. He moaned how this first date sex was the best he’d ever had and how amazing I was. I had to remind him that I didn’t even use my toy yet, while I gave a quiet giggle. I slide my thick 9-inch dildo into him and his compliments and moans continued.

He laid back, pulled his legs up and begged me to fuck him.

I pulled out for a moment but only to mount his cock while I slide mine back inside of him. At that point I proclaimed that night to be the best first date sex I’ve ever had. We bother had explosive climaxes. Some people might think that fucking a guy with a strap on is far from sensual but I think it’s all in the way you go about it. I could pound his ass like a man if that’s what he wanted, but our first date sex was more on the romantical kinky side. We took things nice and slow and at times the passion was something that we couldn’t control.

first date sex

I can’t wait to find out what your favorite erotic phone sex fantasies are and act them out in a sensual and romantic role play just the way you desire. Do you like straight romance or something on the kinky side like romantic anal sex complete with fisting and my strap on, like what took place? We can share stories or make up our own role-play. Just Call!