Let me tell you all about the night that a transformation gender swap happened to my boyfriend.

I, my boyfriend, and a girlfriend of mine went out club hopping the night of the transformation gender swap. We were at one club on the far side of town. Unlike most clubs, this club was serving refreshments and I have to admit that they looked pretty good. When first coming to town I was warned heavily to never eat anything from a night club. I and my girlfriend took precautions and didn’t eat any of the food. We even tried to warn my boyfriend but being the Leo that he is he just didn’t listen.

He didn’t just eat some of the food. He started to eat like he hadn’t eaten all day. It was so funny to watch because he was a little high so he was really grubbing on the food. I and my friend noticed how hard the people of that party started to stare at him while he ate so we decided to leave immediately. While in the car on the way to another party my boyfriend started to moan and make very strange noises. I didn’t think anything of it and just kept on driving and laughing with my girlfriend. Then we started to hear his body ripping if that makes any sense.

My girlfriend started to scream that he was growing titts.

When she said that I almost hit another car on the road because of how funny that initially sounded. I pulled in behind a gas station so that we could try to get a handle of the situation but when I turned around my mouth dropped. There he was laying on my back seat fingering his pussy and pinching his nipples. I and my girlfriend didn’t know what to do! She instantly ran inside to get the now her some clothes and I was trying to figure out if he knew what was going on.

Once I got his attention all he said was, “what club are we going to next”? He took a look at himself and was in shock but to our surprise, he was ready to fuck. I and my girlfriend were ecstatic! Once he got the t-shirt and shorts that my girlfriend got from inside of the gas station he turns into the hottest, most fuckable women anyone would want. We just jumped in the car and continued but after stopping by a friends house for some shoes for our new friend.

Whore isn’t even the word to describe this transformation gender swap.

Five minutes after getting into the club who used to be Cliff but now Claire was in the DJ booth sucking him and his friend off. Before I could wipe out my phone to record it insanity she was bent over taking it in the ass and loving it. The same thing happened at the next two clubs, the gas station, and his best friends house. Not with his best friend but with his best friends mother and father. I recorded almost all of the occurrences and noticed how much Claire took hard dick in the ass with such ease.

That morning Cliff woke up complaining that I used the toy too hard.

It’s strange that he had no recollection of his transformation gender swap at all. Later that night when coming back to my place with a pizza and I could hear him panting. It was hilarious! He was having anal phone sex with someone and I could tell that he had swapped already. I hurried and called my girlfriend and she shot right over. We rushed through the door right at the very moment of her cumming all over the chair. Talk about a squirter! I thought I was the best at that. That night started with her fucking the GrubHub guy. He gives us directions to a party and at that party, she wild there.

As I got it all on my phone, we let her eat the cum out of our pussies while she had her fun. Would you believe she could take dick like I’ve never seen before? It’s strange how we went back to the same club I think caused the transformation gender swap. They welcome him with hard cock and wet pussies. It was a full on orgy and me and my friend even joined in on the fucking this time. Towards the draining of the last cock and cum eating from the last pussy a man came up to us. He asked if we wanted the man back. We shock our heads with a yes motion and watched him fucked Claire in the ass with such force my ass started to hurt.

The transformation gender swap started to reverse while he was fucking Claire.

Now just Cliff was being pounded and while being anally fucked he started to holler that he is a cock lover now. MORE THAN HE HAS EVER BEEN BEFORE. When Cliff came he was milked in a cup and the guy the came in his pussy hole, sat him on the cup to milk his ass and made him drink it all. Cliff drank every drop and left with a smile. He crashed when he got home from all of the loving. In the morning when he asked what went on I showed him all of the recordings of which he watched intently. On the last part, he gave me a large dildo to use on him.

While fucking him he saw his actions and became more aroused. Eating cum got him to want it harder and the anal part was just a topper. When he came he hollered how much he is in love with cock and caught all of his cum and licked it all up. That transformation gender swap is the best thing to happen. Now we fuck together and I love watching him be another man’s cum guzzling whore.

transformation gender swap