I’ve completed my slavegirl training, so now it’s time to prove it with my very first age play submission. Read on!

Dear Master, I’m nervous but excited about my first age play submission! I promise to be a very good girl tonight because I want to make you proud! After all, I’ve always dreamed of becoming your naughty little sex slave. Is tonight the night?

As I slide into the back seat of your Mercedes, I realize that my pussy is already dripping a little. Being an obedient slut who follows instructions, I’m clad in a garter belt and black fishnets with red pumps with gleaming stiletto heels.

There’s one thing I am NOT wearing right now. Look, no panties!

Because you pulled my short black skirt up in order to better display my cunt and ass, my moist flesh sticks slightly to the luxurious leather car seat. The silky rope tightly binds my arms behind me. As a result, the bondage makes me arch my back, emphasizing my swollen, yet barely-legal titties. A nearly-transparent, while silk blouse showcases my stiff, pink nipples.

I’m also wearing a sleek collar, locked securely around my throat. You’re firmly holding the silver chain links of my leash in one strong hand. Although I’m a still little apprehensive, your dominant presence calms my nerves.

Of course, the hard fucking you gave me earlier helped too!

We arrive at our destination, a modern yet imposing mansion. As you help me out of the car, I leave a trail of horny girl-juices and the remnants of your cum on the seat. You lead me by the chain as the butler shows us inside. Everyone but me is dressed in formal wear, so I start to feel out of place.

However, all nervousness escapes my aroused mind as the double doors open to the scene inside. In front of us, two men are having a conversation. Kneeling between them, a petite female is sucking the cock of one male while stroking the other. Placing your hand in the small of my back, you guide me closer to the trio.

“This is the new one, I take it?” one of the men inquires, indicating in my direction with his head as the young girl continues her excellent blowjob. You nod once in response. “May I?” he asks.

As you hand my leash to him, my heart begins to pound. My first age play submission is really happening now!

I do not protest as he unbuttons my blouse to reveal my ripe, lush breasts. While my tits may seem large on a frame so tiny, that simply means the lactation hormones must be working well.

“Nice,” he says, squeezing my right tit between his hands. I stifle a moan as white milk immediately squirts out of my sensitive nipple. As they put my body through its paces, I struggle hard not to cum.

After all, it turns me the fuck on that these men are so perfectly treating me like the little fuck object we all know that I am!

First, the man lowers his mouth to my throbbing breast, drawing in a long suckle. It’s a welcome relief of tension and I surprise myself by moaning aloud. Next, he moves to the other tit, sucking it hard. Then, he reaches for my collar. He pulls downward, forcing me to kneel, my arms still imprisoned behind my back.

Winding my leash around his fist, he’s keeping my face right in front of his crotch. At the same time, he deftly loosens his trousers. His engorged cock springs out, nearly hitting me in the face. Immediately, my mouth waters, but I’ve been well-trained. And so I wait, aching, as I stare up at him hungrily.

“Go to work,” he instructs sternly.

Mmm, ready for more? Your obedient slave awaits your next command, Sir.

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