You’ve always wanted a girlfriend whom you could possess and use as your naughty little sex slave. That time is NOW.

Naughty little sex slave – You know I want to be yours! But this isn’t just any erotic submission phone sex story. It’s been two days since our last encounter and I’m still bruised and raw. However, I’m already ravenous and my biggest ache isn’t the residue of play discomfort. Indeed, I am craving the taste of you, not only the feel of your hard cock assaulting my body, but also your sexy words invading my mind.

Even though you mentioned last night that you might go into the office early to finish a particularly grueling project, I can’t wait. In a split second the decision is made and I bolt from between the sheets. Although I’m risking your wrath, I honestly don’t care. I race through the shower and wrap a sheer robe around my still-damp body. Then I tumble into my car.

I can feel moisture pooling between my legs. Of course, that wetness has nothing to do with the shower water still dripping from my long blonde hair, which I didn’t bother to dry. After all, I’m in a hurry to get across the city before the morning rush hour because I’m driven by my deep, unrestrained hunger for You, my Master.

I know I’m speeding, far exceeding the legal limit, but desire forces the accelerator down further and I’m giddy at the delicious wickedness of this sunrise adventure. Will I be too late? No. As I gently brake outside your house in the early morning sunshine, I see you strolling towards your Porsche.

Softly I call your name and your head jerks in reaction. As you stride out of the front gate, in THAT voice you demand: “What the hell…?”

Silently I shrug off my nearly transparent wrap, not caring that I am naked in the street. I drop to my knees, wordlessly reaching for your belt.

Your frown turns into a wolfish grin as you taunt “You insatiable little slut! You’ve driven 20 miles across the city at this hour just for a mouthful of cock? And without permission. You don’t deserve it, but I’ll think of a suitable punishment while you open wide.”

One step and you’re looming over me, somehow already unzipped. Your fingers twist into my hair, forcing your rigid cock down my throat. You’re thrusting as I gag and my head drives back against the door. Nevertheless, you punish my mouth until your breath quickens.

You tear your cock away from my dripping lips and yank me to my feet by my hair. A quick twist and, still naked, my body is sprawled forward over the hood of your car. Your cock pushes between my ass cheeks. Instinctively, I raise my ass high, offering myself to you.

Your hands clamp around my hips, then there is a second of searing pain as I’m impaled. Then you slam your full length into me. I jerk uncontrollably as a massive orgasm immediately rips through my body.

“Again, not asking permission?” you whisper against my ear. “First you come to my house without asking, then you cum without permission. You’ve just guaranteed yourself a major punishment!”

“Now CUM for me, my naughty little sex slave. Do NOT stop until I say you can!”

Your words unfurl in my mind, starting a cascade effect that stills my body for half a second before my captive brain cells connect on auto-pilot and my pelvis begins to shudder helplessly.

I’m powerless now, your words causing waves of agonizing pleasure crashing through and over me as my feet kick impotently against the Porsche’s front tire. I couldn’t stop the tsunami if I tried, even if you pulled your hard cock out of my ass and stopped touching my body altogether. You’ve taken months to train and create the perfect submissive fucktoy, and…

Now you finally have the thing you crave most: control.

Burying your cock in my ass this morning was merely a bonus for you. Just one more layer of pleasure to the ultimate high of being able to make me cum with a single word, whether you happened to be bent over me or from halfway across the world.

After that, you’d taken that training further, breaching barriers in my psyche and making my entire universe a single, pin-prick craving ache for you. Consequently, I’ve become so susceptible to your commands that a simple text message saying: “CUM!” jack-knifes my body, causing an instant explosion between my legs and in my mind.

Although still a work in progress, you have trained me to be so responsive to your commands that a few simple words could instantly halt an impending orgasm, no matter how intense the physical stimulation. And as you did today, you can also induce an instant, rolling climax that only ceases when you grant me permission to stop.

The latter I’ve both desired and feared with ferocious intensity. Never had I experienced such heights of pleasure, but I knew unequivocally that one day I would plunge over the horizon of frenzied madness that I skirted each time you uttered the words:

“CUM…and don’t stop!”

Would today be the day? Waves of blazingly hot pleasure roll through my body and scream through my brain, so intensely that I give no thought to the fact that I am spread across a car hood on a public street like the little fuckslut you’re telling me I am.  Suddenly, your palm cracks down first on one ass cheek, followed by a sharp smack to the other. Back and forth, back and forth, my vulnerable bottom is burning now.

Somewhere in my mind, logic tells me the fiery pain should interrupt the pleasure I’m feeling. I’m begging you over and over again to stop. It’s not the blows that are making me plead but the pleasure of being fucked hard, of cumming uncontrollably.

“I can’t cum anymore! Make it stop, Master! PLEASE! Make it stop.”

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