Who knew that a nubile girl like me could become such a sweet young submissive?

When we ended last time in this tale of my first age play submission, this sweet young submissive was about to demonstrate her excellent cocksucking skills. While you watch, I start vigorously bobbling up and down on the stranger’s dick.

As I impale myself over and over again, I feel the big mushroom head punch past the back of my throat. Mmm, he tastes so good! Of course, I’m so incredibly aroused that oxytocin immediately floods my system. As a result, my swollen titties start leaking milky creaminess. “Excellent, we’ve got a heifer,” I hear another man say.

“Omg, did he just call me a COW?” I thought indignantly but knew better than to speak without permission. Besides, my mouth was full!

Pausing for a moment to lick my lips, I glance up to see that you’re now leaning against a nearby bar. With a drink in hand, you watch my performance. The other gentleman grabs my collar, lifting me to my feet. Then, he pulls my skirt down. I’m blushing like mad as I step out of the garment, realizing that this move reveals my nearly bald cunt to everyone in the room. Looking down, my clitty is so swollen that it’s peeking out between my puffy pink pussy lips.

The two guys back me up a few steps until my bare ass bumps against a table. Then, they lift me onto the flat surface.  One of them pushes my thighs apart, then shoves three fingers into my sopping cunt.

“Is this what you need, little slut?” he asks rhetorically.

Being a sweet young submissive who wants to make her Master proud, I nod without speaking, my blue eyes wide. Without hesitation, he plunges his hard cock into my young cunt. At the same time, his lips find my tingling nipples again, suckling hungrily.

As I feed him my sweet creamy milk, he feeds ME his cum. 

Indeed, it doesn’t take him long. He’s so turned on by fresh meat that it only takes a few hard thrusts before he explodes into my tight little fuckhole, grunting with satisfaction. As he steps back, I feel slippery jizz gushing out of me. The second man moves forward, pulling my legs onto his shoulders as he bends me back like a pretzel. Without delay, he uses the cum dribbling out of me as lube to fuck my tight asshole with his fingers.

A moment later, he penetrates my vulnerable backdoor with his enormous cock. As he stretches me impossibly wide, I feel so delightfully overstuffed that a crazed whimper escapes my lips. To make matters worse (better?), he starts slapping my milk-dripping mammaries back and forth, sending sensations exploding through my helpless body. In the meantime, I can hear the slap of his heavy balls against my ass as he uses his full body weight to dive into me.

“She’s exceptionally tight,” he grunts approvingly between thrusts.

You nod as you continue sipping your scotch, watching your sweet young submissive without comment. Meanwhile, I’m vaguely aware that one of the naked serving girls has knelt to suck your cock. My mouth waters as my pussy clenches enviously because I know you’ll fuck her face without compassion or consideration.

As the guy pounding my ass nears climax, the pleasure is so unbearable that I start to scream. Instantly, he shoots copious jets of cum up my ass. Sweat rolls down his face as he slaps my throbbing breasts one more time.

“She’s a magnificent little fuckcow indeed,” he comments, grinning as he eases his spent dick out of my gaped ass.

Then, he picks up his drink, motioning “Cheers!” in your direction. The cum of two men trickle out of my spent holes as I lie there on the table, my arms still roped behind me. You help me sit up and clip my leash to my collar. As slippery fluid leaks out of me and runs down my legs, you lead me toward the waiting crowd.

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