Fetish katoptronophilia. “What’s that?” You ask.

Fetish ~ katoptronophilia is the feeling turned on by watching yourself have sex in mirrors. This is one of my fetishes. I absolutely love being fucked by a big hard cock in front of a mirror. I actually want to get a mirror on my ceiling above my bed. Already having a whole wall completely covered by a mirror,

This would definitely be a nice addition to my bedroom.

Right now My favorite position is doggy facing the mirror or even sideways. By facing forward I get to watch head-on. Watching Facing front allows me to view you and your sexy face while you are fucking the shit out of my pussy. Seeing you as you slide that cock in and out as it gets harder and bigger I know the O-face you make. If I put my head down I need you to grab a handful of hair and yank my head up so I can watch you as you fill my pussy with your cum.

Don’t let me miss a thing.

Doggy parallel to the mirror allows you to view the side of us. I get to gaze at your hard cock as it slides in and out of my wet pussy. As it slides out I can see the glisten of how wet it is getting. I see my pussy juice on your cock. This fetish basically becomes my live-action porn video. Everyone likes porn. What better than to watch yourself have sex? I can’t think of any. You can be the star of your next porn video. You can even video your foot fetish.

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