Cheating sex stories, Three is a crowd.

Cheating sex stories. Three is a crowd and not allowed. Cheating usually results in getting caught, Unless you are a mastermind about it. In this situation, I was not. Getting caught was not my idea of the perfect Sunday afternoon. Picture it, I was in my second year in college and I met him, Mr. Right. Well, so I thought. He seemed so perfect, Tall, dark, handsome, and he was smart also. He was my chemistry professor.

Even though he was so much older the sex was amazing.

My pussy craved his big hard cock all the time. So why would I cheat? I’m not even sure how to answer that question. I was at the cafe just finishing up lunch. This is when I met Brad, he was just finishing up his shift of bussing tables. He was so flirtatious and I liked the attention.

One flirt leads to another and we ended up in the stall of the bathroom.

Pants down around our knees and I was bent over. His cock was fucking me so hard I thought he was going to push my head through the wall. I came so hard and my pussy was so wet by the time I got home it looked like I peed my pants. I hurried up and showered because I had to meet my professor for some extra credit.

Wink wink.

The whole night was spent fucking. It was amazing. Sunday morning was spent the same way. Taking a break for food. There was a knock at the door. His son was there to borrow some money. As he opened the door, there was Brad. Brad was my professor’s son. Two of the greatest fucks I have had were father and son.

I wonder how long I can keep this going on for.

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