Panty fetish, I know Michael has one because I catch him sniffing my panties all the time.

Panty fetish. I actually get really turned on by it. My pussy is getting wet right now as I am thinking about it. What’s even hotter is I have seen him wearing my bras and panties under his clothes. Not being aware that I know he keeps wearing them. I am afraid if he knows that I know he will stop. Not wanting him to stop I will keep him thinking I am unknown to this.

But that is beside the point right now.

I never knew the extent of his fetish until we had the ice storm last weekend and it knocked most of Michigan out of power. Michael had power so he offered to let his coworker John come over and shower before work. That night I arrived at Michael’s house.and see John’s clothes there, He must have forgotten them in his rush to work. Placing them in a bag I realized there was no underwear. But didn’t put another thought into it. I heard Michael in the bedroom on the phone.

My nosy ass decides to sneak up and see what was going on.

You always have to be prepared for anything if you are nosy. Michaels panty fetish was just not panties. Apparently, it is also men’s boxer briefs also. Peeping at Michael through his bedroom window I witnessed his panty fetish in a different light.

John was on facetime and watching Micheal.

Michael was wearing my favorite white lace panties and rubbing his rock hard cock through them. I always knew he likes the silky feel of them on his cock. His other hand contained a pair of Calvin Klien Boxer briefs. that he was sniffing. He was taking a big whiff of them as I heard John telling Michael he was cumming. John was jacking off to Michael’s panty fetish. I could see that Michael’s rock hard cock was ready to cum now. He grabbed his phone and turned it around because it was now John’s turn to watch Michael cum.

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