It’s not hard to tell that I’m a FABULOUS superwoman, amongst many things of course. I love dressing up and looking like the woman of your dreams, mainly the woman you dream of being which is why mommy and I dress popped in this brain of mine.  I know all of the feminization secrets and will work magic on you. What I can tell you is that clothes do make the girl for the most part. 

First Let’s Take Care Of The Important Part Of My Feminization Secrets

Yuck! If you want my feminization secrets to help you, you have to get out of those men’s clothes. REMEMBER!! You don’t ever have to hide that side of you from mistress Romi. I recognize your need to conceal this from others but your secret is constantly safe with me darling. 

It must feel so tiring to keep such a big part of yourself a mystery to others. I adore the fun, girlie, whispers as we shop together. I love the rush you get as we text about it while you’re in front of your family. That mummed urge of yours to do some sexy online shopping is what I enjoy helping you with.

Now Ready….Set….Goooo To Mommy and Me Dresses

I have marvelous taste and that’s what you’ve always known and admired about me. You saw me in this outfit before and just had to have it against the sissy frame. Tight-fitting, stretchy black dress with a deep v-neck that barely covers my rear. You admire how it fits all of my curves so well. Especially the curves I love to show off so much, my tits. Black matching 6-inch heels make this outfit pop. I use my feminization secrets to make you look the part, then act the part!

I put you in the black full-back bikini cut panties that match mine, tight fitted black dress, and black heels to match. Undies are so underrated in feminizing but one of my favorite feminization secrets. When I stand you up in front of the mirror I spray you down with black Orchid Tom Ford perfume so you can smell like me. How does it feel to finally have the dress and kitten heels on that we’ve shopped for together? 

Now It’s Time For Sissy Pics!!

This transformation is like day and night on you darling.  Now, this next thing you didn’t expect to do but of course, but I talked you into it. After all, I have to do it as it’s a part of my feminization secret Picture day!! I had to convince you for a while for others have shared your secret but you know I can be trusted.

I Didn’t Forget The Other Part

Now get your tush in front of that mirror and pose darling. Do those sexy poses sissy, don’t feel interrupted by my friend as he enters the room and sits, watches and you get into being the true you without the worldly shield. He’s turned on by our matching mistress and I dress my sweet sissy. The way those hips twitch tell it all. Now,  it took a while for us to lead up to this day. What I’d like to know is are you up for what’s next. The bulge my friend Tony is getting is becoming too large for his pants to contain. They don’t call me the pegging expert for nothing. 

Call me now for the time of your life! Better yet, an escape from your plain reality!! Feminization secrets aren’t all I have 

Feminization Secrets