For A Hefty Sum Of Money He Wanted To Be My Slave Boy

I’d been working as a dominatrix for several years. One of my clients wanted to take the female domination he got during our sessions out of the dungeon environment. he wanted to take it and make it a bit more personal. For a hefty sum of cash, of course. He tossed a figure at me and it was a handsome sum indeed. There was no way I’d turn down that amount of cash. I was going to let this man literally worship me in my own home. He said he wanted to do anything I wanted to satisfy me. Clean my home, satisfy my pussy on demand. A whole list of things he had that he could do.

This Was More Than Just Worshiping Me

Can you imagine someone paying you to clean your house? Welcome if you want to do that! Female domination had been a big part of all of his relationships. Some women were not as into it though, so that’s when he’d visit me. His girlfriend was out of town for the weekend. He thought this would be the perfect time to worship me. I made a list for him, he was going to be busy if he really wanted to do this. I did want my home scrubbed and organized from top to bottom. And  I did enjoy having my pussy licked, so he’d be doing that when I was in the mood as well.

He Worked Entirely In The Nude

He worked in the nude the entire weekend and said he loved the sense of humiliation. Being at my beck and call had been a dream of his since we’d met. Nothing turned him on as much as female domination, and he was hard for a good part of the weekend. I could clearly see that! He spent the weekend cleaning, massaging my feet, licking my pussy. I really cannot complain a bit about it. He was very good at all of it. He slept on the floor in the kitchen on a large beach towel I put down for him. And  He ate out of a dog bowl I got, he was happy to do all of it. Of course I also earned a few thousand dollars. It really was well worth my time.

He Licked My Pussy Tirelessly

He was pretty good at licking pussy, and I had him do it twice a day while he was here.  And He really had a tongue that knew what it was doing. My clit would throb while he sucked on it and teased it. He never asked for anything in return. I would sit on his face and he would just lick until I came as much as I wanted to. Never once complaining that his jaw was tired, he just kept going until I was satisfied. He was great at cum eating .

My feet have not felt so marvelous in years. The massages he gave them and the pedicure he gave me were first rate. He said it was an honor to do it as well. My house now sparkles after his thorough cleaning. I need to find a few other slaves to get into this female domination and servicing bit. A girl could get used to this kind of treatment.

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