Fem dom fetish is something that goes on a lot at the sex dungeon

Fem dom fetish is something that goes on a lot at the sex dungeon I work at. It’s of men come in for abuse, beatings, whippings, ruined orgasms and tease and denial. One customer comes in and likes a flogger whipped over his cock as he’s been tied spread eagle on the table he’s on, he usually cums from the fem dom fetish with C.J.

flogging alone. Others like to be brought right to the brink of orgasm by hand and then go without cumming. I like the ruined orgasm ones myself, you can bring them to the brink many times. And then finally give them that ruined orgasm by slowly circling your thumb all over their frenulum. And then stopping touching as they cum. It makes for a ruined orgasm they will still be aching after.

He Wasted No Time Telling Me To Give Him A Ruined Orgasm

Fem dom fetish is many times sought out by men in positions of power in their real life jobs. It’s hilarious when we have doctors and lawyers coming in and walking around with dog collars and leashes on, whipping them. But that’s just how it is. Last night one of my regulars came in and he hadn’t cum in nearly a month. And he wasted no time telling me to give him a ruined orgasm. I wickedly smiled when he asked, since I so enjoyed giving them especially after such a long time.

I Decided It Was Time To Restrain Him

He hopped up on the table and I decided not to restrain him. And I lubed up my hands and began working on and teasing his cock. I laced my fingers together and worked his cock in between them and he was soon breathing heavily and groaning. I knew it was time to slow down and lighten my touch on him, he calmed down. We went through this several times and then he finally begged me to cum. I took my thumb tip and rubbed it quickly but with a featherlight touch on his cockhead. He started to tense up and I made my touch even lighter, barely touching him.

Fem Dom Fetish Can Be Pretty Harsh

As soon as he started to spurt, I removed my hand entirely, leaving him unsatisfied and aching for more. But he would not be getting it. Some dribbled out and he said his balls still ached from not being properly drained. I laughed and said that’s too bad, isn’t it? He said I was a cruel mistress and I nodded in agreement. He said after nearly a month this happens, but then, it’s what he wanted to happen. So he got what he wanted. He left and another soon came in and his kink was having a steel sound inserted down his dick.

And me place a vibrator on the tip of it until he was nearly screaming. The things these men find pleasure in is pretty harsh at times. Having a fem dom fetish can sometimes be a little hard on the guys. But they do keep coming back for more, so you can’t have too much sympathy from them when that’s the case. Oh well, onto the next ruined orgasm, or the next tease and denial session, that’s what it’s all about at the sex dungeon.

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