My Boyfriend Wanted To Be  Teased

I’ve been called a tease many times by guys over the years. I always laugh when one calls me that. It’s so much fun to tease a guy until his dick is purple and he’s about to go insane. Well my newest boyfriend enjoyed my teasing ways and said he wanted to take it up a notch. And I asked how, and he went and got a box and opened it. There was a chastity device inside of it and he said no matter how much he begged, he wanted me to promise to keep him locked in. Then he gave me the key And said for the next week, I was to tease him as much as I could and not unlock him.

I Was Going To Tease Him Like CrazyCasey teases cock

I grinned devilishly at my new task. He wanted teasing. He would get teasing. I was plenty horny that night and said I required some serious pussy licking. And needed to cum at least three times. He said he could handle it. He is very good at licking pussy and I was creaming all over his face. I looked behind him as I rode his tongue.I could see his cock cage was very full looking from him being hard, yet restrained inside of the cock cage.

It took him hours until his erection subsided. His flesh was actually pushing out the sides of the device he was so swollen. I laughed at his sexual frustration. The next night I cupped his caged dick between my tits to tease him even more. He’s always loved a good tit fuck. And I knew doing this would get him good and riled up, and boy, did it ever! I had him lay beside me and told him not to touch me. He was to just watch me as I masturbated, and I knew his cock was once again straining against his chastity device. He said it was digging into his skin. I laughed at his self inflicted pain.

I Made Him Watch Porn While His Cock Was Locked In The Cage

And I had him watch porn a few times during the week to keep him in a heightened state of arousal. He actually looked almost faint at one point he said he was so horny. He thought he might pass out from lack of cumming. I knew that when he was finally let out of that thing we were going to have one hell of a night of sex. With countless orgasms, but I wasn’t done with him yet. I wanted several more days of teasing ahead.

At the end of the week he thought he was going to be unlocked. But I said sorry, I’ve decided to extend it to ten days . And then I will release you and you can fuck my brains out. Rather than being angry like I thought he might be. He seemed to like I was taking control this way. I continued to tease him by masturbating in front of him and making him lick me. On day ten, we were both ready for him to be set free. And wow, what a night we had. Very passionate and orgasm after orgasm. I think we will be using this cock cage from now on to get him riled up like this, we both benefit from it. Give me a call for the very best phone sex stories.

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