Fellatio.  Okay…Admittedly, I’m not into American Football.  It’s not what we call football back home in France.  But, based on the pants being worn, It SHOULD be called FootBALLS.  Makes me want to drop and perform spittle dripping fellatio!  So this year…I’m creeping outside my sporting box.  Every man who has known me for a millisecond KNOWS I’m a HUGE Boxing fan…It’s NOT the only contact sport that has me enthralled…But, it’s close. For some reason…fellatio has ALWAYS held my attentions…all of them!  Warm, smooth balls with those tiny capillaries,  thrumming like little heartbeats in my mouth.  My tongue gliding over and separating them…caressing them with my tongue. Ah, fellatio!  Now, THERE’S A SPORT!  Wanna CUM to My Fellatio Super Bowl Party? Conveniently located without leaving your seat…Call me!

You KNOW she’s going to leave you to it on Sunday…She’ll stock you up with beer and snacks…all your friends will be crowding into the family room and the giant screen will cum to life.  There will be cheering, yelling, threatening, laughter and yes…hard cocks. Shit will inevitably get knocked over and broken.  The furniture may need replacing because you’ll NEVER get the wing sauce out of the fabric…But, it’s YOUR house!  You make the rules.  Decision time 2016!

Will you look out over the sea of familiar faces laughing/arguing/defending…and quietly lift from your recliner, sneak to your room and lock the door?  Will you call me and speak in hushed tones, telling me the house is full, but you just couldn’t stop thinking of making a touchdown of your own…WITH ME?  Will you dial me, hands shaking a bit with anticipation of the voice that will answer…”Hi, this is Joey”? And then the REAL Super Balls Party will begin.  Let me climb into your lap, my breasts gliding along the skin that I’ll suddenly strip bare with my words.  My right hand gliding along your left ear and my fingers begin to stroke the hair at the nape of your neck.

My tits press more firmly into you as my lips brush yours, barely touching you…I feel your eyes flutter closed as your tongue slips from your mouth to lick your lips…that look of ecstasy I’ve imagined so many times…An in the second it takes for your moan to reach my ears, my tongue begins its probe, first over and then inside your bottom lip.  I flick my tongue over your teeth and tilt your head back with a tug of your hair. My eyes lock onto yours and my intent is clear…isn’t it, Baby?  Yup. I need your cum.

OR…behind door number two…Will you NOT sneak away to have me to yourself…a quiet seduction where you forget you even HAVE company in another room?  Will you just start talking about your hot phone fuck with your friends?  Seeing them get hotter as you describe my body…BEFORE you pull out your phone to show them the pics you have stored of me there. Giggle.  I know you do…You already go to your car at lunch to look and touch and remember me….

Will you whip that fatty out along with your friends right there in the family room and talk about what it might be like to force fuck, gang-bang my tight little, wet holes?  As you all stroke in unison…will you decide to have the wildest fucking Fellatio Super Ball Party and call me with them all there listening to what I say to you…to them?  Will you enjoy having them take turns with your little whore?  Sharing is caring after all. Haha.  The cost is the same whether I’m talking to you, or a ROOM FULL of horny ass guys all jerking it for little me. Damn that’s hot!  Nothing will make my cunt spasm like the thought of being controlled by groups of men who ALL know..my allegiance is to YOU.  I’ll do it ALL for YOU! And you KNOW IT!

Bring them to me, or keep me as your intoxicating little secret.  Either way…I get YOU!  What better present can you give yourself, or your friends, than the freakiest Super Bowl Sunday EVER. Who’ll NOT be talking about YOUR party on Monday?  NOBODY, That’s who!  Every man at work will be freaked out that you did that for your friends! Nobody’s done me…I mean THIS kind of party before!  Let me guide your group masturbation, or hypnotize you ALL with my sultry tells as I suck each one.  Let me be the party cum dumpster.  Choke me with those fatties! Be the trendsetter.  And the BEST PART????  No one needs to be quiet, let’s make it one NOISY, WET, WILD party!  I’ll be on and popping until midnight EST.  I’m getting my pre-game wetness on…just waiting.  Put me in the game and see how I perform!

Smooches in all the places you need me!


Who’s A Better Cheerleader Than ME?

Cum Dumpster