Feet fetish — Your lips, my feet, and some mistletoe

Feet fetish is common to have but no so common to indulge in.  Especially by accident.  But at a special Christmas party last week, you found out how enjoyable it is to love my feet.  You noticed me as soon as I walked into your friends’ home.  The high, red stilettos I wore showed off my arches and the slit in the front give you a nice view of my freshly painted toenails.  Normally, you put the dirty thoughts in the back of your head, saving them for a later, more private time, and went about your business.  But this time, you couldn’t because my shoes were different.  They had a design on the sides; a distinct image of mistletoe.

You didn’t know what to make of the mistletoe at first

You didn’t want to assume.  Most people wouldn’t even make anything of this but it was almost like I was sending a message that only foot freaks as you would catch.  Throughout the evening, you couldn’t take your eyes off of my feet.  As I sat on the couch with friends, and my heel danced in and out of my shoe playfully, you fell harder and harder for my tootsies.  Then you couldn’t take it anymore and excused yourself.  Your boner was way too obvious to avoid now and it needed taking care of.

In a quiet, backroom, you whip it out and stroke it to the memories of my feet

Just the thought of my beautiful puppies wrapping themselves around your face had you going crazy.  Suddenly, the door opens.

“Well, well.  What do we have here?” I strut over to you as you panic to hide your rigid cock.  “Oh, don’t stop on my account,” I say, pressing my sole against your hands and then sliding them closer to your mouth.  “In fact, maybe I could help.”

People say that amazing things happen during the holiday season.  Is this a dream come true for you?  Foot fetish phone sex is right at the tip of your fingers.