Embarrassing sex stories can have a happy ending, too.

Embarrassing sex stories often begin and end with someone walking in on you while you’re doing something you either know you shouldn’t or doing something very, very private.  Getting caught jerking off is on the top of many guys lists of things they never want to happen to them.  But what if the person catching you was your daughter’s big tittied friend that lives down the block?  What if she wasn’t all that bothered by what she saw?

Jacking off with headsets is a dangerous sport

And yet you decided to do it anyway.  After all, the missus was gone and so was the kids and you just wanted to bust a quick, well-earned nut after a hard week.  Under those conditions, you had every reason to think you wouldn’t be disturbed.  You kept ignoring that feeling that someone was nearby and watching you.  That is, until you catch some movement out of the corner of your eye.  That’s when you saw her.  That’s when you panicked.  Because she saw you type “big tittied teen sluts” into the search bar and beat your meat to those cock sucking 18 year olds.

You try and think of ways to save face but there is none

And, even though she’s the one in your home, all you can do is zip up apologize.  But you notice that her face isn’t filled with dread or disgust but playful intrigue.  She comments on how thick you are and how she’s never had a guy that thick.  Then she makes you an offer you couldn’t refuse and her mouth plants itself onto your still-stiff penis.  You watch her struggles to get the whole thing down her young throat and slowly close your laptop now that you’re living the dream.

Teen phone sex on the brain?

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