Sex offenders need to keep their cocks in check

Sex offenders can’t seem to keep their cocks in their pants.  Even at the hint of teen pussy, their dirty, pervert cocks take over and that’s all they seem to think about.  I had one knock on my door the other day when my young daughter, Gracie, and I moved to a new neighborhood.  He introduced himself and said he was required by the state to inform me that he’s on the sex registry.  I was appalled!  Living on the same block as a molester of some sort!  I demanded to know what he’d done.

He started smiling a little as if almost delighting in his dirty little conquest

He explained that he had a taste for young, naughty teen pussy.  Girls with barely any hair were his favorite.  I could see his filthy cock getting hard in his pants as my nose wrinkled.  As I began to lecture him, what I didn’t realize was that my cheeky daughter was teasing him from behind me!  She was sitting on the edge of the couch, spreading her young legs for him and letting him see her pink panties.  He explained how he liked girls with barely any hair just as Gracie pulled her panties to the side and revealed hers!  Then he talked about how he liked to stroke young girls’ clits gently as she started to make circles over her mound and flick her tongue.

I asked him if he was a changed man and he said, “Absolutely!”

And then I closed the door.  Not 15 minutes later, I heard noises from my daughter’s room.  I couldn’t believe what I saw when I walked in!  Spurts of cum were jetting all over my daughter’s open-mouthed face!  I called the police immediately and he’ll be rotting in jail for a few more years.  I asked Gracie why she did it and she said, “Aren’t you proud mommy?  We made the neighborhood safe by getting rid of a predator! Sex offenders can’t get past us.”

I smiled.  Am I a bad mommy or a hero?  For milf or teen phone sex, call me!

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