Dirty sex stories and the things daddy made me do.

Dirty sex stories — when it comes to writing them, they almost always have to involve dear old dad.  I remember this one time when I was very young and mommy was out, daddy gave me some special water at snack time that made me sleepy.  I feel asleep almost instantly and when I woke up, I was tied to my bed.

Daddy didn’t notice though.  I could barely keep my eyes open.  Really, all I could do was moan incoherently.  I was moaning a lot actually and I felt very good.  Then I looked down and saw why.  One of daddy’s friends had his mouth around my tiny little pussy and was licking me very hard.  He was saying very naughty things while he did it, too, like how he couldn’t wait to stretch my young twat with his fat, mature cock.

There were other daddy’s in the room, too.

I knew some of them.  I’d seen some of them at the park with my friend.  But they had their pedo cocks out and were stroking them to my naked body.  Some were rubbing the heads of their cocks against my nipples.  Another daddy was rubbing him against my belly.  But MY daddy was rubbing his against my mouth and I could taste his salty precum.  He egged his daddy-friend on to fuck me and not hold back.  My legs were spread and there was a shard pain.  He didn’t do it slowly.  He rammed his cock inside my virgin pussy and started to pound away.

I remember daddy saying, “That’s right.  Pound that little pussy,” while slapping me in the face with his cock.

He really liked watching his little girl get fucked by someone so much bigger and rubbed his cock even harder against my suckling lips as I was rammed hard.  I felt something hot and sticky on my face and at the same time, I felt something hot shoot inside me.  It wasn’t over yet, though…

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