Foot Fetish Father Gets Taken At Dinner Table!

You’d never see a teen with tits and ass like mine before.  You can barely keep your eyes off me whenever I come over.  But, I can see how you favor my legs and feet, you foot fetish perv.  You pay special attention to my feet when I come over with toe-less shoes or sandals on.  You imagine doing filthy things with my toes, don’t you?  My petite little dogs are nothing more than cock-toys for your perverted, mature meat in your mind.  Well, Mister, I have a naughty side, too.

Guess who’s cumming to dinner!

You vow to be good during the dinner but weren’t counting on me doing what I do next.  You feel my foot caress your calve and up your thigh.  At first you think it’s your wife but, she’d have to be doing some serious gymnastics to reach you.  When she leaves to go get dessert, that confirms it.  And a knowing glance from me gets your rock hard.  My foot glides across your boner and, looking down, you observe my stockinged toes working up and down against it.  This was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.  You had to release your cock.  You tell Rebecca to help her mom cut the cake in the kitchen.  Once she’s gone, the zipper comes down and out pops your cock.

From Head to Toes!

Finally!  Contact!  My toes curl around the head of your cock like slutty little fingers.  The stocking fabric feels sooooo good, too.  With the others gone, I get both of my feet on your lap and work your cock in between my arches.

“Come on, you dirty old man.  You know you have a foot fetish and you’ve always wanted to bust your mature nut all over my little piggies.”

Hot streams of jizz coat my feet as you spasm hard at the table.  I pull my cum covered feet away from you as your daughter and wife return with cake.

“Hey, Rebecca!  If it’s okay with your mom and dad, is it alright if I sleep over?”

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