Feeding Darkness happens when you develop a true sense of who you are…SEXUALLY, at least.  So, when Clay woke up he was naked on the cold kitchen floor.  As usual, after a changing, he was disoriented and it took him a second to remember me and the intoxicating night he’d had.  The sex had been spectacular, but what amazed him was it was the first night of dreamless sleep he’d had since the tragedy that took his wife, his child, and his humanity.  After the attack, he had despaired of ever living a normal life, of finding anyone to share it with, cursed and abandoned by his God.

Momentarily, he wondered if it had all been a dream.  But, it couldn’t be!  Could it?  The memories were vivid and MORE THAN real. Following my pineapple scent, he found me in my bedroom. “Huh!!!” he thought, “she actually sleeps in a coffin!!”

The sun went down and simultaneously, he saw the lid of my coffin start to rise. “I’ll be damned, you sleep on soil too! I’m learning a lot more about vampires than I ever thought I would. Now, I’m a believer too!”

“Hello, my darling, Josette Marie” Clay said.

“I was afraid it was a dream…” Joey said.

As he lifted me from my coffin, he planted a soulful kiss on my lips and replied “As long as we have the same one, I don’t care if it is a dream or not. Last night you gave me a gift I despaired of ever having again, Joey. You gave me hope.” With that, they melted into another kiss.

It’s never too late to CUM back to love.  Just give yourself permission and Let Go!

Wake Up With Me!