I Was Happy To Use The Flogger On Him

When you work as a dominatrix, you see fantasy sex stories come to life a lot. Guys will have fantasies literally for years, decades even. Before they will get the courage to go to a dominatrix and finally

C.J. likes fantasy sex stories

But when his boxers came off, you can bet his cock was hard as a rock. And standing straight up at attention. I grinned when I saw how much this was all turning him on. As if there was ever a doubt. I walked around him slowly, my high heels clicking on the floor with each step. Snapping the flogger in the air and then I cracked it across his back. And he flinched and winced and then begged for another lashing. I was only too happy to oblige.

bring them into their reality. One man the other week had wanted to be whipped and have a strap on used on him. But his vanilla, submissive wife would never in a million years have been able to do anything like


that. So he booked an appointment and came in for a session. I was happy to use the flogger on him and fuck his pansy little ass.


He Asked If I Made Many Men’s Fantasy Sex Stories Come True

He came in and seemed a bit shy, never having done anything like this before. But I assured him these were very common things. So not to worry.And that I had plenty of experience at them. He asked if I made many men’s fantasy sex stories come to life this way. And I assured him I did. I told him to undress and he again looked a bit shy.


He Had Dark Pink Lash Marks All Over His Body

I whacked that flogger all over his body. Until he had dark pink lash marks all over him crisscrossing his skin. I smirked and asked how he’d explain them to his wife. And he replied they hadn’t shared a bedroom in many years. So she’d never know the difference as she never saw him nude anymore. He said he’d always wanted to get fucked by a woman in a strap on. And would I please do him the honor? I reached over to the table and got one that was prepared in a harness. And I stepped into it and strapped it on. Then I pushed him over, lubed it up, and slid it into his ass.

I grabbed him by the hips and was really giving his ass a good pounding. And he was squealing like a girl as I did so. He asked permission to stroke his cock as I fucked him and I granted it. And his arm started to jerk back and forth as he masturbated himself . I plunged in and out of his ass that had never been taken before. I thrust and I thrust and he was getting closer to his orgasm.

And all of a sudden he let out a shriek and came in spurts on the floor. I commanded him to get down on his knees and lick it up. And I gave him a few whacks across the back with the flogger for good measure. He said it was one of the most exciting experiences of his life. It’s nice being the one that brings someone’s fantasy sex stories to life, they will always remember a session with me.
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