My Need For Fantasy Sex Stories, Just Became More Complex – Part II

Fantasy sex stories are my favorite, especially when they involve young black studs! Combine BBC and impregnation and that’s the ultimate fantasy sex stories one can think of. As I struggle with the thought, that I may now be pregnant with my young black lover’s child, and may be forced to fully confess to my preacher husband my addiction to sex especially black dick. I have found myself in the church chapel praying for forgiveness and reflecting on how I got to this point.

This evening as I walked to the church, Mr. and Mrs. Smith Darnell’s parents pulled into the church parking lot. As I unlocked the side door to the church, they parked and approached me. Ms. Smith, whose name has Veronica approached me and said she and her husband would like to discuss something with me concerning Darnell. I invited them to the church, and we sat down in the front row of pews. Mr. Smith, whose name is Charles began speaking, and said Ms. Hanna, it is hard for us to come to you with this issue.

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Darnell’s friend Mark’s sister called my wife and told her she saw you having sex with Darnell and her brother at their house last week. It was the day, you brought them to ball practice. She said she was coming out of the kitchen and Darnell was fucking you from behind, as you sucked Mark’s cock bent over their couch. She said you kept screaming for Darnell to pound your pussy the way he knows you like it pounded, which indicated he had fucked you before that incident.

Mrs. Smith just came out and asked, is Mark’s sister telling us the truth, and if so, how many times have you fucked our son, and when did you first start having sex, as we have only been here a little over a month. My head was spinning in disbelief, of what I was hearing. I was caught red-handed, as Mark’s sister watched me beg Darnell to fuck me with his big black cock, and her brother gagged me with his dick. Lying in this situation would only make things worse considering I may be pregnant with their grandchild. I sat silent for a moment before I began my confession.

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I admitted to them, that I had initially seduced Darnell in one of the Sunday school class rooms. While my husband talked scripture with them after church the first Sunday they attended. Then, I confessed my addiction for young black cock. That the moment I met them, and Darnell, I wanted to feel his cock down my throat, and deep inside my pussy. I admitted shamefully, how much I enjoyed feeling Darnell’s huge cock stretching my pussy, and how he filled my mouth with his seed. As I confessed, I noticed Charles, Mr. Smith getting a boner as I described how I enjoyed using their son as my sex toy. To be continued. For more fantasy sex stories and dirty sex stories, click here!

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