Fantasy Sex Stories: Daddy’s Little Girl

The other day, I went to my parents to get some of my boxes from when I was in middle/high school. I found a journal filled with all these fantasy sex stories. This was weird because I didn’t remember writing any fantasy sex stories until I read the title of one named “Daddy’s Little Girl”. It instantly clicked and I remembered writing about how bad I wanted to fuck my father.

That was the first of my fantasy sex stories.

My father is a handsome man, tall with curly red hair. Who treated me like a princess. At the time when I started writing in my journals, it was the summer before my sophomore year of high school. I didn’t really have a lot of friends so I stayed in the house.

I spent a lot of time with my dad because my mom was always at work. My dad used to take me shopping and watch me try on outfits it’s was so much fun. I used to say if I couldn’t marry my daddy I don’t want to be married. He was just the greatest man in my life.

Later that day, when I got home I started reading some of my stories. The beginning started off with me talking about how I wish my daddy would come to stay the night in my room and have a date night like him and my mom always did. When he came to my room I would be wearing some sexy lingerie ready for him to fuck me hard.

I guess all my life I liked rough sex.

 Continuing to read about all the nasty naughty things I wanted my father to do to me. I said I wanted him to go down and lick my little pink pussy until I came all over his face. Then I about how I would bring him a surprise lunch to work. It would make him so happy he would bend me over the desk in his office and fuck the shit out of me until he came all over my ass. After reading my fantasy sex stories, it shocked me because of how kinky I wanted to be. Plus, I never would have known how much of a daddy fetish I really had until today.

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