Cum fetish, all I want is for you to cum for me!

So I am sure you have heard May is masturbation month. This just so happens to be one of my favorites. I love taking my cum fetish to the extreme it’s the best sex therapy.

I want to do my part and make at least 20 horny hot guys cum a day, that isn’t too much to ask is it? For some reason it just gets my little cunt so excited, hearing the big moans and groans. I hope you’re doing your part by letting me be the best little cum dumpster for you.

We’re doing our part with GUIDED MASTURBATION PHONE SEX

It’s so hot telling you exactly how to explode. I can control when you cum by telling you how hard and how fast to stroke your big cock for me. Massaging and playing with my nipples to the sound of your heavy breathing.  The harder I hear you stroking the hornier I get. A cum covered slut is all I ever wanted to be. As they say, there are different strokes for different folks though I do love to guide you, however, you get to your mind-blowing climax is fine with me. As long as I get to catch every single drop on my tongue, of course.

 My cum fetish began when I was just twelve years old and I watched my older sister through the crack of the door, sucking her boyfriend’s cock. When I saw her swallow that warm creamy load of goodness…  Well, let’s just say that’s the first day my young virgin twelve-year-old pussy got wet.

Masturbating is good for you in more ways than one

“…Masturbating can be good for you as it helps relieve stress and causes your body to release endorphins (pleasure hormones) which make you more relaxed. Also, it can help you sleep, and it may even help your genitals keep in top working order. It also allows you to explore what you enjoy, meaning you might feel more clued up with future partners.”

 Check it out here.

National Masturbation Day, also known as International Masturbation Day, is an annual event celebrated on May 7 to protect the right to masturbate. The first National Masturbation Day was observed on May 7, 1995. Masturbation Day has since been expanded to include the entire month of May as International Mast. Month

So do your part to support this not only healthy but pleasurable self-practice and of course my out-of-control cum fetish and SPANK THAT MONKEY!

Think about it a girl who gets off just by hearing you get off… Isn’t that every guy’s dream?

P. S. If you need a helping “hand” and want to turn me on more than ever give me a call and I can guide you through it.

P.S.S. Don’t worry about what your mother said about if you keep doing that you will go blind. It’s not true. Shit, where did I put my reading glasses?

Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke