Best Sex Stories: Three’s Great Company!!

I have a lot stories that involve my really wild nights. One of my best sex stories is probably my kinkiest night of them all. One night after this party, my boyfriend Chris, his friend Jeremy and I decided to go to Chris’s house to have some fun. I never had a threesome with two guys before so it was the first time I got to take two cocks at once. We were all super wasted and horny as hell.

When we got to Chris’s house we had a few more drinks. I was just sitting on the couch staring at two hot guys who were about to fuck me hard.  I really do enjoy hard sex and that’s exactly what I was going to get. Jeremy came over and sat on the couch next to me and started kissing my neck sending chills through my body.

 Chris came over to us and slid my shorts down to the floor and pushed my legs apart. He started kissing and licking all over my dripping wet pussy. I really wanted both of them to fuck me right there I was ready to have both of my holes to be filled up by two huge cocks.

This is why this is one of my best sex stories.

I suggested we should go upstairs and have more fun. When we went into the room Chris’s sat in the chair and let me and Jeremy get started while he watched. He kissed a soft line across my tits and then down my stomach. When my hips lifted up to meet his mouth, to tempt him, he finally gave us both what we clearly wanted. Clamping his mouth down on me, his lips soft and hot. His tongue parted me, licking my already juicy pussy. His tongue swirled around on my clit. Until I was gripping the covers and moving my body up to meet him.

My body was craving more,

That’s when Chris came over and sat on the bed with his huge cock out. He told me to climb on top and show him how I ride it. So I did I got on top of him and started moving nice and slow filling him deep inside me. I could see Jeremy was getting hard just watching us. So I told him not to be shy come join in. While I was riding Chris, Jeremy slid his huge cock right into my tight little asshole it felt so good exactly what I wanted. I was taking two huge cocks at once and they were giving it to me just right. Giving me the best pleasure I have ever felt before.

Having my first threesome with two guys was the most enticing feeling ever. That’s why it will always be one of my best sex stories.

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