Funny Sex Stories: Can I Sniff Your Hair?

Do you have any funny sex stories that you can remember? Well, I do, my funny sex stories always cheer me up when I’m down. When I was nineteen my mom set me up on a blind date with one of her friend’s son.

I just got out of a serious relationship and I was just looking for fun.

Since I didn’t know what my moms’ friend son looked like, I was standing in the diner looking clueless. That’s when some deep voice said my name and it gave me chills down my body. When I turned around and looked who said it, me and him met each other eyesight and I thought to myself thank you, mom, he’s super hot.

I sat down and he introduced himself as Jack.

Jack had dark hair and a great smile with freckles. When he spoke to me his voice made my body feel warm and I liked it. It was time to pay the bill so Jack stood up to go to the front counter. When he stood up I just stared, Jack was a really tiny guy he had to be like 5’5. Which caught me off guard I didn’t know what to do cause I was really interested in him.

So I decided to continue with my night,

Even though his height threw me off a bit. But when we got back to his place to have a couple drinks and listen to music he told me something that took me by surprise even more. He told me that he had a really serious hair fetish he loved dating girls with long straight hair.  At the time my hair was touching the middle of my back. I could tell that’s what he kept staring at. Anyway, I didn’t really know what to say when he said that so I just laughed and avoided talking about it any further.

After a few drinks, I was feeling pretty comfortable at Jack’s and listening to his voice was making my pussy wet. Besides Jack being shorter than me, looking at him was just turning me on. So in the middle of him telling me a story I slid closer to him and started kissing him. He seemed shocked by it but he started kissing me back nice and hard grabbing my ass pulling me closer. It was really making me want him.

 I told Jack “let’s go to your room.”

When we got to his room I sat down on his bed. Jack sat next to me and started rubbing on my inner thigh. It was making me so horny I wanted to fuck him really bad. He kept rubbing up against my inner thigh until his fingers were massaging my pussy lips through my shorts. I told him to take my shorts off if wanted to touch me and he did.

This is when I figured it was going to be one of my funny sex stories.

When he took my shorts off he told me to bend over his bed. I bent over his bed he got on his knees and started licking my pussy from behind sliding his tongue in and out of me. It was getting me even wetter, that’s when he stood up and slid his cock up and down my pussy. He shoved his cock inside of me slow and I felt his thick cock starting to stretch my pussy. He pushed my head back so he could get a good grip on my hair.

While he was pounding my pussy from behind I kept hearing him sniffling. He was fucking me fast and hard so I just thought he was catching his breath with each stroke. When I turned around I saw Jack sniffing my hair each time his cock pumped deep into my pussy. He was rubbing my hair on his face while deep inside of me.

I couldn’t help but laugh and stop him in the middle of smelling my hair.

I told him I just remembered I had something important to do in the morning. Only because I didn’t want to hurt his feelings. But leaving his house I just kept thinking well this is the first of my funny sex stories to tell my girlfriends.

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