Family sex stories, I was 13 years old the day I became daddy’s little secret.

Family sex stories, I’ll Never forget that day. I had just arrived home from school. Attending Catholic school I had to wear a uniform. A uniform that drives men crazy. My Daddy was in the living room, on the couch, watching football, he loves football. Grabbing my history book and flopping down next to him, I stretched myself out and put my legs across his lap. While he began to rub my legs I felt his cock start to get hard in his pants.

Not knowing what to do I just pretended like I was continuing to study.

I noticed that his hands kept moving up higher and higher. Eventually, they were up on my inner thighs at my panty line. He lifted up my skirt and looked at my panties. Questioning me if my mother knew I wore lacy panties like this. I explained that she bought them for me and it’s not like anyone sees them. Taking another look he told me he thought they were cute. I blushed. Daddy got up to go to the bathroom and I took a breath of relief.

Next thing I know my family sex stories were created as he is back and standing over me stroking his hard cock.

Being a virgin I had never seen one up close and personal before. He told me that since I was grown up and wore lace panties I can do grown-up dirty things now. Grabbing my hand and forcing me to grab his big cock and play with it I wanted to cry. informing me that everything was ok and what we were going to do would be our little secret. I trusted him, he is my daddy and wouldn’t do anything wrong.

Before I knew it he had his hard throbbing cock in my mouth.

I gagged a little as the head of it was touching the back of my throat. Taking my head in his hands he controlled me. There was nothing I could do he was in total control. Daddy has just stolen my innocence with incest This was the first time of many that I have in my family sex stories. Cousin sex stories are popular too.

Do you want to find out if I still wear my Catholic school uniform for daddy?

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