Family Sex Stories – Becoming Daddy’s little Fag – Phone Sex

Family Sex Stories can be hot and erotic or dark and erotic.  Mine is the later.

Of course, I have not told this story before because some would find it too disturbing, as they found my  Hypnosis Incest story disturbing.  But, for me, I have to admit it turns me on; even knowing it is wrong.

Years ago, I learned about sex from my Daddy.  He was strong, forceful and demanding.  I grew up craving his touch.  Unfortunately, for me, I grew up, and he lost interest.  However, now he has cast his eye on my son.

Today, the phone rang, and Dadd told me to prepare him.  He knew that I knew what he wanted.  I was to prepare him the way my mother used to get me ready for a visit from Daddy.

To begin with, I got him out of bed and told him Daddy was coming.   Instructed him to clean himself out and take a shower.  When he resisted, I threw him over my lap and spanked him until he cried.

“Keep crying.  Daddy likes it when you cry.” I said

Later, when he was cleaned inside and out I helped him into his panties and little dress.

In due time, Daddy arrived. My son went down to greet him.

“Has she been a good little bitch?” He asked me.

“No, I said”

Grabbing my boy, he threw up the skirts, pulled him over his lap and spanked him until he sobbed.

I got on the couch next to them.  When done, Daddy handed him to me.  I leaned back and pulled my son with me.  His tears filled the room, and Daddy’s cock was rock hard.

Daddy pulled his panties down, stroked his cock, and used his finger to play with my son’s little Pussy.  Then, he pulled my son’s legs up and thrust into his little pussy.

I held my son while Daddy fucked him.  God, it turned me on.

When Daddy finished, he pulled out of my son’s pussy, got up and walked out of the house.

I took my son up for another shower.  After I tucked him into bed, I went to my room and masturbated for hours, dreaming of Daddy using me like that.  Sometimes, Daddy does like my hairy pussy and not just our little boy’s.

My son has no idea how lucky he is.


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