Hair Fetish Fun Involving My Bush and His Face While He Slept

Hair Fetish is not just a fantasy for my boyfriend.  Pussy hair is something he insists I have.

I’ve always found it fun to indulge in my boyfriend’s hair fetish.

One of his favorite things to do is to go down on me.

One time I made the mistake of shaving most of my pubic hair off and I instantly regretted it.

Between the sad look on his face when he saw my pussy and the lack of oral sex I received until it grew back, I’ve learned my lesson.

To make it up to him I grew the bushiest bunch of pubes I could while he was out of town and decided to surprise him when he got back.

I honestly didn’t know how deeply his hair fetish went until the night he returned.

He was so tired that he ended up passing out on my bed before we could even do anything.

Jetlag is a bitch.

I let him sleep for a little while so he could get into a really deep sleep.

After stripping out of my clothes I climbed up on the bed, straddled his face and slowly lowered my pussy down to his chin.

Now we’ve tried all kinds of things to appease his hair fetish but feeling my bush on his face is still his favorite.

So as I straddled his face in his sleep. I didn’t push my pussy fully down on his mouth at first.

I decided to tease him a little, allowing my fluffy fur to gently tease his skin.

Rotating my hips ever so slightly, I watched his eyes move around behind his lids as my pussy hair grazed from his chin to his cheeks.


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