Hair Fetish Fun Involving My Bush and His Face While He Slept – Part 2

Hair Fetish, especially pussy hair, is important to my boyfriend.

This story explains just how much he loves my pussy covered in it.

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Part 2 continues below.


Over and over I rubbed my pussy against his face until he began to stir below me.

Once I knew he was half awake I lowered my pussy down even more.

I wanted him to feel the wetness of my pussy mixing with my bush as it slid around his face.

He was more awake than I assumed because his hands quickly came up to my hips and pulled me all the way down onto his mouth.

As his tongue slid out of his lips to mine we both let out a soft moan.

I could feel his moan of gratitude reverberating through my now dripping pussy.

This made me push down on him harder and he knew what I wanted.

Sliding his hand down from my hip he inserted a finger into my hole and started pumping it in and out as his tongue danced circles around my clit.

This was one of our favorite things to do.

His because he knew he was making me feel good at the same time as tasting my pussy and feeling my pussy hair against his mouth and nose while he ate away.

Mine, well, let’s just say his mouth is fucking magic!

Once his finger and mouth were working together every nerve in my body tingles and I started squirting my cum all over his hand and face.

The only thing he likes better than this position is making me squirt on his face.

He loves the way my bush feels when it’s dripping wet and rubbing all over him.

I’m always about finding new ways to work his hair fetish into our fun.

It makes him more into it which, in turn, means I cum harder as well!

I can’t wait to share more of my experiences with you!

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